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The new G9 seems to not support any type of remote release, wired or wireless. If so, I would call this a hefty blunder by Canon, as it renders tripod photography basically pointless. True, there is some lag-release featuered, but this cannot seriously be meant to replace remote release.
For me, 'tripod' means "remote release" at the same time since I started taking photographs, which is quite a while away.
So please may anyone say Jeff Keller was wrong in his review faulting the absence of any remote release support of the G9!
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I think that you're right. The G9 doesn't have a feature that will allow you to take a photo by pressing a remote control button.

I bought a G9 last week in Hong Kong (for holidays), and I had simply assumed that it would have a wireless remote control (like the one with my G6). But after taking it back to my room, I was surprised and disappointed that it didn't have a remote control unit. I didn't really want to buy the G9 in the first place. My trusty G6 (inside my backpack) fell off the storage rack of the tour bus from a fairly great height, and Murphy's Law made it happen so that the backpack's point of impact was where my camera just-so-happened to be. The G6 was then out of action. So I bought a G9 so that I could still take some holiday photos.

The lack of a remote control on the G9 can be inconveniencing in some situations, like of course for group photos, or for photos where you don't want your camera to move at all after it has been set up. The lack of a swiveling screen is disappointing as well, as is the lack of a good hand-grip. The dial and button on the G9 for changing shutter speed and aperture are nowhere near as convenient to use as on the G6. It's disappointing that Canon took backward steps in the G series, instead of forward steps. No doubt that this is all market-based. Although, a great thing is that my G6 got repaired at Canon in Hong Kong for only about 85 australian dollars. The repair job was excellent and very fast (taking only 5 days turn around), plus the customer reception was top notch. In australia, I think the repair would have cost maybe 5 times as much money!
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Try this link for a cable release option.


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Thanks for that link Dennis. That custom cable release ADAPTER looks quite tidy. I saw a different hand-made one on the internet and didn't look as tidy as this one.

I tried your link above, but gave an error until I removed the slash on the end of your link..... so I'll just repaste the link here:

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