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So i'm thinking of buying the new powershot S2, it seems like a pretty sweet camera, and although it has a 12x zoom, i would like to be able to boost that so i can take pics of the wildlife @ Rocky Mtn park w/ out getting too close (Got charged by a moose last week while taking a picture of her calf). Does anyone have any experience w/ these addon lens' and are they even worth it? Also, where would the best place be to find them? I"ve seen them on ebay but i'm weary of those. Or, instead of hte S2, should i consider one of canon's SLR's like the Rebel XT and buy a nice telephoto lens which would run me MUCH more. I got my powershot for 350 from Dell so i've got about 150 to spare on a nice lens if its a good idea.

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They have a bunch of S2 lenses. From the other threads it seems that raynoxmakes decentlenses. I dont know about availability though. I also have never even touched an add-onn lens in my life.
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I had the S1 with the Canon teleconverter and I now have the S2 with the Canon telecoverter. All teleconverters are going to make you image softer and add some distortion. The bigger the teleconverter (higher X number) the more it will effect the image quality. I'd try to keep the teleconverter under 2x.

Canon makes the teleconverters specifically for the camera, in the S2 you can actually tell the camera it's on there so it can adjust the focus. THat will be your best bet. THe Canon one for the S2 is 1.5X and I got mine for $100.

I like using them and have had good success with them, but I'd be carefull about theoff brandones.
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Why do you say be careful of non-canon lenses? Newbie here, please expand!

Karen :bye:
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I have the Canon tele-converter for the S2, and between serious lab reviews and personal observation, I can attest to the fact that the lens offers outstanding resolution, color, and contrast. The S2 lens quality seems to be biased toward the longer focal lengths to begin with, so it is no surprise that images made with the tele-converter have few issues with distortion and basic optical aberations. Pop on the Canon tele-converter, and you end up with a very fast, high quality, image stabilized 600+ mm zoom (by 35mm camera standards).

Handheld shots rival anything you can take with a 300mm lens on a normal non IS SLR under similar lighting conditions, and if you really think the converter is soft or not contrasty, well, shoot some long shots from a tripod. The Canon tele-converter is a quality chunk of glass. My only complaint is that it is not threaded for accessory filters. I like to use a UV filter most of the time, and a Polorizer when there is enough light. That isn't a big problem though, as it is easy to make an adapter to mount 72mm filters on the converter for about $2.

Someone asked about the difference between the Canon tele lens, and the lenses offered by the competition. I can't say for sure, as some aftermarket lens companies make great products, while others make junk. Most are cheaper than Canon. The Canon converter is first class, and does not cost all that much. If you have a favorite third party manufacturer in mind, go for it, but I would be surprised if they offered as good a product in this case.

Has anyone found a side by side comparison between the Canon tele-converter, and those offered by the aftermarket? I would be interested in reading the report. By the way, the Raynox converters look pretty awesome. I might have to give tone a shot in the near future..

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http://www.lensmateonline.com has side by side comparisons - but they are selling teleconverters, so I guess that doesn't make them a neutral source for a review.
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