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Default Price Gouging Online of Powershots

Been a loyal Canon customer for years, and have never seen such out of control price gouging of digital cameras as is going on now. This I believe was caused by Canon phasing out their better digital cameras, the ones that had manual control over aperture and shutter speeds, in favor of full automatic cameras. The older cameras (A610s, A720s, A590s) are getting harder to find. The A590is was the last camera Canon made that had manual control and took AA batteries (the newer ones take proprietary batteries which cost more and have a shorter life than NiMH AA's).
The A590is was just discontinued.
All I can say is I'm glad I have my A610 and A720IS as my main cameras, they are now irreplacable.
If you visit the Canon web page you'll see the list price is $129.99.
But sellers such as this one on Amazon are selling it for $259.
Sadly it gets much, much worse. The A650IS, the last in Canon's line of Flip & Twist LCD's, goes for more than double list price!
It's list price was $349.99.
But this seller is selling it for $775.99!
Take another camera, the Canon Powershot A720IS, list price was $199.99.
But this seller is selling it for $458.99!
This is certainly price gouging. What can be done about it?
Consumers shopping for digital cameras, who want some creativity are being strangled by these prices. Only midsize camera with A,T,M modes and AA batteries is the SX110, and thats being replaced by the SX200, which takes a proprietary battery. I guess Canon doesn't realize or care that people arent going to fork over more $$ for batteries.
They need to stop copying Panasonic. So what cameras by other companies feature A,T,M, AA batteries, and decent image quality? And I'm talking midsize cameras here. I haven't seen any. All there is are tiny cameras and huge bricks. The selection in stores is from hunger right now. There really is nothing I want to upgrade to. My cameras do everything I need and there's no beating the IQ. Unfortunately when you have a hobby there's always something you want to upgrade to. There's nothing I want. Except for the A650IS I guess, but with the prices you may as well go DSLR.
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I just checked PriceGrabber and saw the A590 for $135 incl shipping at Office Max. the 650 is up to $400. I guess it's just free enterprise. Canon stops making cameras people love, the availability goes down, the price goes up. The 720 was $256 for a new one though. If no one buys at the inflated prices, the prices will come down.
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It's called Supply and Demand, and Whatever the Market Will Bear pricing. As for AA batteries vs proprietary LiIon, I use rechargeable NiMH in my A620, and LiIon in my G9. I prefer the LiIon for size/weight. You can usually get less expensive LiIon batteries from sources like Sterlingtek.com that are rated with more power than the Canon originals. The SX200 battery is not shown there yet, but given time it will become available too. I happened to purchase a spare Canon battery when I bought my G9, and it allows me to have plenty of power for the camera during a typical day of shooting. The charging unit is much smaller than that for four AA batteries, and recharges in about 80 minutes. Fast recharging of AA NiMH is not supposed to be good for the life of the batteries.

Cameras with manual controls are more difficult to find, since the average shooter perfers full Auto, or Scene modes. Thus the new Panasonic ZS3 is in direct competion with the SX200, and may be more popular. See this head-to-head review of the SX200 vs ZS3.

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