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How would you compare the pro/con of the A1/A2 vs. Canon's Pro1 vs, Sony 828?

I am a 7Hi owner who's been a little disappointed with indoor shots (blurred and darker than I'd like as well as limited flash range, either too bight on the subject and dark everywhere else or just plain too dark)

We're also not totally pleased with the Autofocus ability of the 7Hi, seems sometimes shots are blurry and we don't know why as we've grown to concentrate on the focus element and still some shots are blurred.

Any custom setting recommendations for the 7Hi indoors would be appreciated.

As we are learning, we shoot primarily in Auto, Aper. pri, or Shut pri. modes.

Would upgrading to the A1 or Pro1 solve any of these problems (especially for my wife who's 100% P/S user.

We really like the manual zoom and feel we took much better pictures with our lowly Nikon N60 slr in our film days.

The 7Hi appears to excel for us outdoors, but indoors (most of our kid shots) struggles.

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You won't be much happier with the Canon Pro1. The autofocus is very slow compared to most cameras. Compounding the issue is that the image freezes during the autofocus process, which really precludes shooting anything moving since you won't be able to follow the action if the image is locked for a second or so. It's said that the auto focus works very good in brighter light but is very hesitant in low light conditions.

The Minolta A1 (replaced by the A2) won't be much of an improvement either. A number of reviews have commented that while the camera appears to focus properly, the resultant image ends up soft.

The Sony 828 has been reviewed with a good auto focus system, but the images have been noted with more purple fringing than other eight megapixel cameras. You might want to check it out or even the Olympus 8080.
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The problems you have outlined herewill notbe solved by any of these new 8 megapixel "wonder" cameras. It should be a clue that your best pictures were taken with an SLR. If you are willing to invest $1,000 in a digital camera, but want SLR performance, you need to be investing that $1,000 in a Digital Rebel or D70. Those two cameras give you TRUE opticalthrough the lens real timeviewing, lightening quick autofocus in both good and poor lightand incredible image quality all the way across the ISO range each offers. No all-in-one digicam gives you ANY of those features.Going with an 8 megapixeldigicam only ensures you will continue to have the same problems,only the images will take up more space on your flash cards.
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