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I was wondering that since I shoot weddings in the traditional manner (posed shots), Would the Pro 1 be a good choice to shoot weddings with ? I like the 28mm wide angle equiv for big groups and the 8 megapixel resolution sounds good also ... Comments are welcome
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Many times wedding shots are taken in conditions where some of the photos will be in lower light situations. Candle lit areas, maybe just some light coming in from one window, a darker chapel, etc.

None of the current 8MP cameras are known for being very good in low light or for use with higher iso settings (noise problems). This is not to say that under good conditions you can't take good wedding shots with a pro 1, but the conditions will have to be pretty good.

A Digital Rebel, 10D, or 20D by Canon will take MUCH better lower light photos than any consumer camera at this time. Other DSLRs will do better too, but Canons are known for their low light/low noise images. I know two people who do weddings and they insist only on using the Canon DSLRs (and they are not really "brand loyal" people overall).


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if you were to do this, i think it could be done, forget the built in flash though, and go with one of the better canon dedicated speedlites. and i agree about the ISO. stay at 100 or 50. im a firm believer in film for important events like a wedding. and as such i have only used digital as a supplement to my F4. im not sure theres a big benifit to any digital used in this way. most people like to hold their pictures in hand. I like to use my Pro1 in more informal events where there maybe a few prints made but the majority of pictures would be candid shots that would end up on a photo CD.

on a side note or segway to this question. a camera like the pro1 is ideal for capturing candid shots(reception) and you get to give your neck a rest from(in my case) lugging a Nikon F4 around(its a tank but i love it). not to mention far less ovbvious than a full size slr. people warm up to it when they see the pics on the screen.

ok before the dslr guys come gunning. if i had the coin a top dollar dslr and the print equipment to support it, then yes a good pro dslr can do as well as a 35mm in taking large numbers of photos and making lasting prints. as well as being faster to edit and fine tune the images. the cost of printing digital on a large scale is prohibitive. unless this is your full time profession. and theres a willingness to dive in all the way into digital.

me i still keep a toe in the film waters:|

ps: this may seem strange but i have used my nikon SB 27 on my Pro1. settings at auto for both camera and flash. and it takes a perfect flash picture. :idea: anyone else experiance this kind of compatability? theres no indication of a flash mounted on the camera except the built in flash wont pop up with the nikon mounted. i dont know how they talk to each other either., the flash doesnt zoom with the lens, so there maybe some limited exposure info thats transfered, my original intent was experimental. but with the good results. i think i can use it as need be from time to time. any thoughts on this?
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