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AMiRUNC Jul 14, 2005 12:38 PM

Hi, I am interested in the Powershot Pro1 now that the price has come down significantly since its introduction. Trying to decide between Pro1 and G6 and am leaning toward the Pro1 until I read a review that said there is significant viewfinder freezing during focus. This makes following moving objects difficult and overall is just plain annoying.

Can any Pro1 users comment on their experience with this? Thank you

Greg Chappell Jul 14, 2005 2:05 PM

To be honest, any camera utilizing an electronic viewfinder should be at the bottom of your list if you are looking for something to shoot moving subjects- that problem is pretty consistently pointed out in Steve's reviews, such as here in his conclusion about the Pro 1:

"The Pro1 has two Continuous shooting modes, Standard and High Speed. In Continuous H, the Pro1 captured 8 images in 3.7 seconds, then continued to capture images at a rate of one every 3.5 seconds. The viewfinder blanks during Continuous H image capture, so you will be unable to follow a moving subject in this mode."

Some have better refresh rates than others, but all freeze at the time of focus acquisition, so none are good at continuing to follow a subject through the exposure process and will frustrate you- it just takes a split second to lose a moving subject. The Pro 1 is notthe best or worstwhen it comes to theviewfinder freezing at the moment of exposure- pretty ordinary. I owned a G5 for a whileand was able to use it for sports only if I picked a spot and prefocussed, then allowed the subject to move through the field of focus. That's about the only way you can consistently get good sports/actionshots with either type of digicam. Because of the huge depth of field you getwith the small sensors that works fairly well. Of course, that huge depth of field also works against you if you are trying to shoot wide open and isolate the subject against an out of focus background.

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