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I purchased the S1 about a week ago... for, I'm sure, the same reasons most others have purchased this camera (great zoom, IS, etc.)

This is my first camera that manually adjusts... so I'm hopeful that I simply don't know what the heck I'm doing. My pictures look like crap.

Almost every picture I've taken that isn't outside (and in bright light) looks awful. Inside my home at night, all I can create are fuzzy images. So please take note... if anyone is looking for a 'fuzzy picture specialist'... let me know... I'm here to help!

If I zoom in on my subject, it remains fuzzy on the view finder. I try pushing the shutter half way so as to activate the Auto focus feature (if I'm on Auto Focus) yet nothing but fuzz. Any circumstance where the subject is lightly colored... and against a lighter background... I cannot get a clean focus... whether I manually focus or shoot in Auto mode. About the only time I can get a good focus is if my subject has lots of colorful contrasts... such as a vibrant painting.

I'm sure that my lack of photography knowledge/skills hampers me... but I ought to be able to 'accidentally' shoot a decent picture in my house.

Any thoughts on what I'm not doing correctly? (Aside from the obvious response of "everything.")

I'm hoping for some guidance as I am incredibly disappointed in my initial results.... especially seeing as I now have over $500 invested between camera, SanDisk Ultra II 256, case & batteries.

As an aside... I purchased two sets of Energizer AA 2300 mAh NiMH rechargeables. It takes about 24 hours for the charging light to go off. On their initial charge... they lasted about 40 pictures... plus my fumbling around time trying to learn the different menu screens and camera features. I've read about 'burn in' cycles on new rechargeables... is this what I'm experiencing... or did I get dud batteries.

Thank you in advance for any brow-beating... I mean suggestions that you may offer.


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I've owned the S1 for over a month, and yes - it does have issues with auto focus. You will find that performing a rapid zoom almost guarantees the symptoms you've encountered - fuzzy viewfinder, unable to lock focus, etc. I have missed out on more than one shot due to this behavior. I've finda slow and steady zoom helps reduce the confusion, but it is something we S1 owners may just need to accept (unless it's not too late for you to return your camera...).

Regarding your batteries, I have four sets of Energizer NiMh batters, and I charge them with Energizer's 30 minute charger. I can get well over 100 shots plus quite a bit of video footage before they die. Perhaps you did get some duds. One other gripe with the S1 - there doesn't seem to be a battery level indicator until your batts are pretty well dead

As for me, I'm starting to wish I'd put my money toward a Canon 10D. If only it wasn't for the movie mode on the S1...
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I think folks are missing the point of some of these specialty cameras.

When makers design cameras with large zooms, 10X I.S. zooms in this case, they are not thinking in terms of someone using this to take snapshots of their kids on the living room floor. They're thinking in terms of scenic or wildlife type photography. For casual indoor shots, a standard 3X model like the A75 is just fine.

Yes, I agree, cameras SHOULD be able to handle both, and the S1 should have had an AF assist lamp in it. It's not a perfect camera, but I think maybe they were thinking this would be a camera bought for more.

It's kind of like the 10D (which I also own). You wouldn't buy the 75-300mm IS lens to take indoors shots. You would get a wide angle lens. Consumer cameras rarely "fit all".

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I agree that this camera does poorly for indoor close family shots and such unless you sllllllloooooooowwwwwllllllyyyyy zoom in allowing the focus to catch up. The focus on this camera is the most ill designed and performing of any digital camera that I have owned. I bought the camera for the stabilization though and can work around and find ways to cope with it's quirky focusing issues. However, in light of the fact that my Olympus Ultra-zooms have a lightening fast and unerroring focus and are great "indoor up and close", and all my Sony digicams, though not 10X zoomsfocus accurate and fast, this may be the last Canon I ever buy I am so disappointed in how the autofocus performs.


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