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I'm very happy with my G6. I've only had it for a couple of weeks maybe, and I like it a lot. I know it definitely has a red eye problem, but I can live with it, even though I actually don't like it. Because I would expect that canon should test out their prototypes rigorously before making the final product.

Actually, the lever on the G6 that you have to depress to turn the camera ON can be a hassle if your camera case is small. That's because the sides of the case, or the corners of the case, can actually depress the lever and rotate the on/off switch when you slide the camera into it's case. This results in the camera turning on, while it's inside the case, and the zoom lens extends out!!! Fortunately, the camera has something that prevents the lens motor from breaking when this happens. But I would suspect that it can't be all that good for the lens mechanism and motor if this happens too many times. I found a kind of solution ...by putting the camera in back-to-front in the G6 camera case. The problem almost disappears completely, although the camera did turn on ONCE. But this happened only once.

So far, the pictures I've been taking with the G6 have been very sharp, although I was surprised that one of the photos I took of my friend at the ski field wasn't sharp. I was extremely careful to hold the camera steady, then depress the shutter button half-way to get a focus lock on my subject. When I viewed the photo at home on the computer, the image was slightly blurred. I'm actually quite experienced in using cameras. And I'm extremely careful in holding the camera steady as well. So I was very surprised to see this slightly out of focus picture. This has been a one-off thing. All other pictures I've taken are quite excellent.

It's a neat camera, and once I get back to Australia, I'm going to get my canon flashes out and test them out on the G6. This should solve the red eye problem. I don't care if the flash makes the camera less compact. As long as the red-eye problem is significantly reduced, then it will suit me just fine.

One thing I like a lot about the G6 is that it's quite fast. Focusing and shooting doesn't take much time at all. It's as good as point and shoot immediately. That's what I like a lot. The flash is pretty powerful too so the camera does quite well in low light conditions. The LCD display is nice and big, and the hand grip is quite nice.

I did get a little annoyed about a small thing though with the G6. I do read the instructions, but not all. So I was just trying to look in the camera's menu on the LCD to try to change the photo quality settings...that is photo resolution settings. I found no option to change the resolution setting in the Menu system. My frustration rises because you just want to do something very simple. I then have to refer to the manual to find that the resolution settings are accessed by pressing the 'FUNC' button. To me....it's a no-brainer because that's completely unintuitive. Of course, now I know how to do it from the instructions, but I might forget this key instruction later, unless I drum it into my mind. I would have simply included the resolution settings with the MENU button...and not the FUNC button. In my nikon 950, the resolution settings are contained in the menu. There's no extra stupid button that you have to press just to set something as simple as picture resolution. To remedy this, I just keep a little card in my canon case, that reminds me how to get to this stupid setting. That fixes the problem completely hehe.

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