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I've been seeing a lot of mention lately about purple fringing on A series cameras. I've been trying to educate myself on what contributes to this effect.

Other than this factor I am pretty convinced to purchase an A series camera. I'm concerned that I've seen more talk about it on the A95, which is the most desiresble model to me for it's feature set. From the rsearch I've done I can't see any fundamental reason why a 5 MP camera should be more prone to this problem. The problem seems to originate from the sensitivity of red & blue pixels of the CCD to IR & UV light combined with the physics of light behaviour in lenses.

My understanding is that a user can have some control by avoiding overexposure of bright area in a scene or using IR filters ( not exactly applicable to a point & shoot compact camera design though). Anyone have any insight into this issue in regards to the A95, relative to say the A75 or 85? Also am I correct in thinking that image noise should belower on a A95 compared to the A75 or A85?
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Hi Satwar.I have a S1 which along with all 10x zoom cameras in the market has a degree of purple fringing.Whilst this is always mentioned by reviewers checking lens quality (rightly so) I feel that this gets over emphasised as I have never seen objectional levels in normal day to day photography and usually you need to blow up the picture on screen to a large degree.This effect is also most common at wide open appertures so if you find it a problem you can greatly reduce it by using smaller appertures (the ones you are most likely to use anyway).

Most of the causes I have seen mentioned for this are to dowith lens optics rather than the electronics.

I have never actually seen a postby S1 users complaining about this and all the questions were by people who were about to buy and had read the reviews.

As far as increased noise goes If they are using a physically smaller sizedimaging chipwith more MP there appears to be more noise.I suggest you ask this in general Q&A section as I have seensoom good explanations from soom off the more technically literate members.

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That's why I'm returning the A95 I just bought. The purple fringing is pretty bad. Its also a little bit softer than I'd like which I guess is the main thing I'm not happy with. I currently own an A60 and the fringing is much worse on the A95.

Purple fringing is common on lower end Canon's but I don't think you should rule them completely out because of it. It depends on the type of shots you take and how you use the camera. If you can, give it a tryout and see what you think.

" Also am I correct in thinking that image noise should be lower on a A95 compared to the A75 or A85?"

Well possibly lower than the A85 but but maybe not the A75 . The A95 is an A80 pushed another MP on the same 1/1.8 ccd so in theory its noiser than the A80. I don't think it was as much of a tradeoff like the A85 so you should be ok noise wise. Personally IMHO stay at ISO 200 and below and you'll have no problem with any lower end Canon noise wise.
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