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Old Feb 20, 2005, 11:48 AM   #1
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I'm considering purchasing one of these cameras and/or the expected new releases of the SD400 and SD500 models. But I'm tempted to purchase the older model as prices will probably start dropping when the new models will be released. My question is,are the current models still great cameras? For the most part, based on what've read from various online review websites, the SD200 and SD300 both sound great. However, the most common complaints I've read are as follows:

Issue #1 - the LCD screen can break easily; many consumers have complained that their LCDs broke after few uses.BIG CONCERN FOR ME. One reviewer had stated the replacement cost (labor and part) ended up costing him around $150!

Issue #2- chromatic abberation.

Issue #3 - red-eyes tend to be problematic.

Issue #4 - indoor shots can be a problem. Is this true?

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Old Feb 21, 2005, 10:16 PM   #2
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Lets see:

1. My LCD has not broken. I'm in the Northeast and use the camera outside occasionally. I had a SD100 before the SD200 and it's LCD also didn't break. I'm on picture 820 with this camera.

2. Not been a problem for me. Most of my pictures do not involve sunlight and the SD200 is somewhat better than the 300 in this aspect.

3. Yes they do. It's a problem with any small camera that has something to do with the distance of the flash from the lens. There is a redeye reduction mode but I have never used it.

4. This is a small camera which means a limited flash range. Beyond 15 feet, you don't want to be doing flash photography in low lighting. Indoor with good lighting, the thing works like a charm... with sunlight it's perfect.

I was an SD200 early adopter and have absolutely loved the camera. I am considering upgrading to the SD500 (but would not touch the SD400 with a 10 ft pole because I think it's too ugly). The feature it has that I like is mid video zoom. This camera has a strong video mode (640x480/30 or 320x240/60) and the zoom capacity would make it better for me.
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Old Mar 28, 2005, 10:19 PM   #3
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Just to throw in my two copper discs:

#1: The screen on my SD200 is absolutely fine, and I haven't babied the camera, either. I bought the camera 11/17/04 and am on picture #4471 (with probaby about 15 hours of video taken, as well). Yeah yeah, but factor in a new nephew and a 400+ picture day on my Great Grandmother's 100th birthday and you see how my usage can be high, heheh.

#2: I see some abberation if I zoom into the photo above 400% on some of my outdoor shots but haven't noticed it on any shots at normal viewing zoom.

#3 & #4: rp3 hit it on the head.
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Old Mar 29, 2005, 5:20 AM   #4
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The interesting thing is that I've 'only' seen people report about the LCD problem for the SD300, and the same problem doesn't appear to exist for other camera makes and models. So I'm not sure what's going on ... unless it's some conspiracy thing.
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Old Apr 1, 2005, 12:19 AM   #5
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The SD400 and SD500 look to be worth the extra money. They'll use the new digic II chip, meaning all operations will be faster, you'll have more creative options as far as skin tones and dialing in brighter color schemes. I've not had a small digicam since going to DSLR's but these are starting to get my attention.

Regarding "cracked" LCD's, remember this. It's the people with problems that yell the loudest on the internet. How many of these do you suppose Canon has sold? I imagine a few thousand. How many first-hand users have experienced cracked LCD's? I would imagine you've seen no more than 2-3 dozen actual users, but EVERYONE talks about it. If all the happy users with no cracked LCD's were to chime in, the problem wouldn't sound bad at all, but those people don't, and it doesn't take too many people posting on every site they can find to make a "problem" much worse than it really is.
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Old Apr 1, 2005, 5:24 AM   #6
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That's true about the limited number of users that posted direct experiences of cracked LCDs on their SD300 cameras. It's interesting though... how this is about the only camera that has recently been reported to have this problem...and so has attracted a bit of attention in that regard. I'm not sure how bad the problem really is. But I'd be really interested to find out if it's a design flaw or not.
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