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Default Question? 2 MP pic quality vs 3 MP pic quality


Is the picture quality of Canon A60 at 2 MP resolution same as Canon A75 at 2 MP?

The reaon I am asking is that everytime I take a pic with my 4.0 MP Kodak, windows resize it to fit the monitor. I dont see any adantage of taking large size picture and then resize them to make them fit.

I am thinking of getting Canon A60. Assuming I will taking all my pics at 2 MP does a camera capable of taking pics at higher MP produce better quality image?
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Yes! Both cameras use a nearly identical lens, so you can expect basically the same 'quality' of shots.
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GO TO THIS SITE and look at pics at this site

they wont be the same but both are excellent..the CCD is not the same..the A70 is not worth the extra...movie mode not that much better(640) then the 320 of the A60 watch double size.640 dpi movie mode take lots of memory. if you dont print 11x14 or larger and most people done...cant afford it.....be very happy with A60..paper and monitor or Tv more important to see nice images..I bought a Canon refurbed A60 for 100 bucks US it was mint superb no worries mate.
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The reason to buy a camera with a higher MP CCD is for the editing possibilities. If you want to crop and zoom a section out of one of your 2MP shots, it will look pretty bad, but with 3MP in the A75 or 4MP in the A80, you can crop quite a bit and still have a decent looking shot. I would say invest in the A80, as it is only $277 USD on Amazon.com.

Hope this helps, if it's not to late.
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In my opinion, after 3MP there's not much of a substantial gain in image. Take a look at this reference chart I made. Take a look at the top left corners of each frame in a 1:1 zoom ratio. When you think about it, there's more area you need to fill up per extra MP, so eventually it just levels out. There's a substantial gain from going to an A70 over an A60 and more so to an A80 if you pretend the A70 doesn't exist. How much you want depends on how much you wish to pay. Here in Canada the A80 goes for about $100 more than the A70, and the A60 is $100 less than the A70 =P

If the photos you're taking on your Kodak cam are to large for your desktop or computer needs, try cropping out the parts you want. When you crop instead of resize, you maintain image quality by only cutting out the parts you don't want. If you happen to take all your shots so that the subjects fit perfectly in the photo, then an A60 wouldn't be all that bad for your needs. Since you already have a 4MP camera, I don't see why you'd want to downgrade (unless it's about $$$). You should be able to set the resolution to whatever you want. You could take the exact same photos (less lens quality difference) as the A60 on your Kodak just by simply setting the photo resolution to 1600x1200. This would probably be considered medium size on your camera.
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