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Default question for A70 owners

I have almost decided to purchase an A70 but I want to know from owners of it... How does it fit in your pants pocket??
Is it too uncomfortable?? I know the answer is going to differ on kind of pants etc.. but give me a general idea.
Im going to be doing a lot of walking and need it to fit easily in my pocket.
Also, for further confirmation, the night shots are excellent right?the majority of my pics are going to be at night.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Personally, I wouldn't put it in my pants pockets. It will hardly fit. It'll fit okay in my back pocket, but I'd be scared of backing into something and mashing it. Or even worse, forgetting and sitting down! Maybe you should try the smaller S series, especially the Elph's, or maybe an Optio S?

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Daniel, I have a Canon A70 & do have some input to your question, I was at a trade show a couple of weeks ago taking a few pics, I then slipped the camera into my jeans pocket. Then I forgot I put it there, I later needed to take a another picture & couldn't fine the camera, I went into a panic thinking someone stole it. I then remembered where I put it, ya it was still in my jeans, I truly forgot it was there. So my answer is yes, you can put it in your pocket, but don't forget where ya put it like I did, it can be kinda scarey thinking you lost a $500.00 cdn plus camera.
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Old Apr 28, 2003, 9:52 AM   #4
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The A70 almost has the same thickness as the S200 /S400's
except "with a one AA battery tickness" at one end
(three in a row and another in a second row). It fits
resoanbly well in a Jeans pocket. It takes good
night shots too, but can not comment on it much, yet.
However, I recently posted a question about constant
background noise in the movie mode, that I have not
been able to figure it out.
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