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Default Question about date/time stamp on Canon S500

hi all,
i am currenlty have a Canon Powershot s10, using it to take picture of my kid without date/time stamp on the picture is really annoying, beside it is old, so i am planning to get a new s500, but there're few questions that i need to know before buying one. Please helppppp. Thanks in advance

1. Is this S500 good to buy, compare with s50, which one is better?
2. Does it camera capable to insert date/stamp on picture after taking it and view it on PC as well as printing
3. My choice is still open, any good powershot model can you expert recommend.

Again, thanks all for your advice.
Best regards.
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The S50 and S500 are, other than both being 5 megapixels, very different cameras for users with different needs.

The S500 is a point & shoot camera only. Very few choices for the user. If you are looking for a point & shoot only that you can put in virtually ANY size pocket that's your camera, but know you're getting a camera where you have little input.

The S50 is getting long in the tooth from a digital standpoint, although it's been out for less than 2 years, but it is MUCH more versatile than the S500. You basically have all the options you get with a Powershot G5 except the ability to mount a separate shoe mount flash. Full auto capability or you can go completely manual. JPEG as well as RAW capture ability. If I were to pick between these two cameras today the S50 is what I would get. It's feature set and the fact it's 5 megapixels AND you can still buy it new with a warranty means it would be a camera that will give you good service for a few years before needing buy anything else.

If all the options are beyond what you want the S50 may be a little intimidating, but if you think you'll ever want to maybe experiment with a more manual approach it's the one to get.

As far as imprinting data on the print, that feature is available for me when I use my Canon i960 printer for any digital file from any digital camera. You just choose to when you want the date printed, otherwise you leave it off. I've never really been a fan of printing dates on prints. To me it ruins them if I ever wanted to print a larger size and frame it. That's why digital is so darn nice. With each file you have all the exposure data without having to put it on the "negative". Date shot, exposure, etc is all available to view on the screen and/or print on the picture if you want.
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