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Ok the problem im having is before i take a picture with the flash off the pic on the lcd is fine with lighting. Then after i take the pic it turns out noticeably darker. it also does this when i try to focus. also with flash off its almost impossible for me to get a pic without blur. is there something i can do that will help. thanks
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All lcds gain up the picture to some extent so you can actually see what you are shooting, so what you see is not what you will get.. if there is a brightness control for the lcd in the menu somewhere see if you can turn it down to the lowest setting.

If you have a live histogram use that to judge the picture instead of the lcd.

You can always boost the lighting in post processing, with practically any software including the free stuff.

Also when using the flash remember it has a very limited range, maybe 2m-3m or even less, anything outside that will be darker.

With flash off the camera will need to hold the shutter open a lot longer to get the correct amount of light, leading to shake if the camera is hand held and blur in a moving subject.

Handshake can be controled if you brace the camera or use a tripod/monopod, but getting a moving target blur free requires a higher shutter speed.

I don't know what manual controls you have (if any) , but open the aperture the widest would help, plus raising the ISO a little will make the shutter faster.

The problem with using the ISO setting is these little cameras are too noisy, ie the blobs of color and blotches and grainyness that get added to the photo at high ISOs.

Experiment and print out a few high iso shots and see what you are willing to accept to get a sharper picture, especially if you have noise reducing software to use in post processing.

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