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Default Question on extra Memory card

Im after an extra memory card for my G3. A company in Ozz has 4 listed at all different prices. Is there any difference in preformance etc.
San Disk 512 $275 1 gig $495
Sand Disk Ultra 512 $363
Transcend 512 $319 1 gig $880
Ramster 512 $264

Cannot work out why the Transcend price for the 1 Gig is more than doulbe the 512. Be better to by 2 512s would nt it
Once again thanks for your help
kind regards
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The speed of a card is dependent on both the camera and the card. If you want to understand more about how CF and a camera interface, check out this link:

Its a comparison of the top of the line cameras with lots of different CF cards. It shows that some cameras just work better with some CF brands. But it also has a good description of why some CF cards are faster in one camera and slower in another.

Here is what little I can tell you about the ones you list:

SanDisk 512 - assuming its the "non ultra" this will be quite slow.
SanDisk ultra - This is fairly fast (around 24x)
Transcend 512 - claims 30x, is about the same as the Ultra above.
Ramster - Never heard of it.

Personally, I'd save the 50 bucks and get the Transcend. I've never use one, but I've heard nothing but good things about them.
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Yes, memory prices are funny, not just in Ozz. Often the price of a higher (newer) capacity card is more than the aggregate of two cards with half the capacity. I suspect this is because the leading companies are trying to get the highest price out of the higher capacity cards before heavy competition arrives. It's the heavy competition that drives the prices down at the lower capacities. I agree it makes more sense to get two smaller capacity cards at less cost - also you don't end up putting all your eggs in one basket in case of loss/damage/etc.

Speed, and manufacter reputation is also is a factor. In regards to speed, it's measurement is so variable (cards performance varies in different cameras) that it is hard to justify a huge premium.
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