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Default Question to G11 owners: Lens Scratch Issue

Hello all,

I'm interested in purchasing a Canon G11. It seems to me as an execellent camera and I was ready to rush to the store and get it until I read about an issue with the automatic lens cover scratching the lens (dpreview). They say that the lens cover blades are too close to the lens and *touch* the lens almost every time they open/close and therefore they cause small scratches on the lens surface that, over time, increase.

It seems to me that it is pretty much inevitable and would hate to get scratches on a $500 camera within its first week of operation.

I would really like to hear the experiences from G11 owners; do you have such scratches?

Thanks for your time!


P.S.: I went to a store and saw the G11 up close. I also did a test: placed a finger gently on the lens cover blades and they simply opened a little bit! Of course a couple more cameras I tested were also easy to push open their blades. I noticed that the cover surface on the G11 is much larger than almost all the compact cameras out there so it makes sense that it is much harder for a spring to hold the blades closed. Overall it is a great camera but I cannot decide to buy it because it seems to be it has no actual lens protection!
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I've had my G11 since spring. I have no scratches, but I've heard of folks that do. I believe a major contributing factor is the large blades and large opening they "protect". I also have a G9, and those blades and opening are smaller. Not long after I got the G11 I caught myself beginning almost grasping it so that my fingers would have applied pressure to the blades, while removing the camera from the bag I use for it. I've since been careful, and I almost always store the camera in a bag, not a pocket. I believe this has prevented placing pressure on those blades, and protected the lens from getting scratched by them.

This is my personal theory about the G11 lens scratch syndrome. However, I don't own a G10 (with the same lens), and don't know if there were supposed lens scratch issues with it too.

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After 3 years of usage, now I have one scratch on the G11's lens...only in extreme frontside daylight it becomes visible in the image...

It seems as if the lens' coating is damaged...

Has Canon offered a solution for this?
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