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I recently tried out a Canon S2. Apart from finding the images to be significantly soft (to the point of bordering on out of focus) - a subject I raised in another thread - I was wondering about the following...

1 - Does the S2 have the ability to function as a separate 'drive when plugged into a computer via USB? In other words, can various types of files be saved to the SD card when it's in the camera? Can the camera function essentially as a 'flash drive'? I was under the impression that most cameras could function this way, but I found no way of making the S2 work this way. Perhaps I missed something?

2 - Does the S2 have 'fine tuning' for White Balance? In some cameras, the White Balance can be adjusted manually in several steps. A camera of the class of the S2, I would think, would have this capacity - but I didn't find it. Again - did I miss it?

3 - Also - Can the S2 'remember' settings when the camera is turned off and then on again? I couldn't find this feature on the camera, either - although it should be there. On my C-755, when I set Spot Metering, it remains set until I change it - regardless of how many times the camera is turned on and off. The same for the degree of zoom, and a few other functions. On the S2, I was constantly frustrated that it would not 'remember' these settings, and I found no option in the menus to set it to 'remember'. Did I somehow miss this, too, or are these features and options really lacking on the S2?

Thanks to anyone who provides answers.

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1. The S2 does not require drivers under windows XP, but does not map as a drive letter the way a sony camera does. I just use a card reader, though, so its not an issue for me.

2. There is a custom whjite balance funtcion that evaluated a white or grey card. I don't think there is a manual adjustment.

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For your 3rd question... yes, the camera will remeber many of the settings. It will remember most settings in each mode - that is, if you have set a different resolution or ISO speed in P and in Tv modes, it will remember each setting in each mode. For some of the more detailed information, you can set everything up in a user-definable 'C' (for 'Custom') mode - this will remember all the 'usual' stuff remembered in any of the other modes (Tv, P, Av, Manual etc.) as well as stuff like the shooting mode (timer or continuous), the zoom level, manual focus setting and most of the menu settings. Check out page 113 in the manual (you can download the S2 IS manual from Canon's web site).


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Thanks for the reply.

I was looking for some way to 'remember' things like spot metering - which I use almost all the time. I can set it in the 'Custom' mode - but then I have to USE the 'Custom' mode. What I'm looking for - and what other cameras have - is a way to turn the camera on and choose whichever mode I like, while retaining spot metering. With the S2, the metering always returns to the 'pattern' metering. I have to reset spot metering every time I turn the camera on and/or change modes.
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