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danang1 Sep 1, 2002 11:42 PM

questions about G2
Hello, this is my first post. I am close to buying a G2 and I have a couple of questions:
1) I have read that the battery has good life... can someone tell me about how many shots I can expect from a fully charged battery?
2) About how big is the file for a picture taken at the highest quality?...I am trying to decide how large of a CF card to get..
3) I read that you can use ant type of flash... is that true? Is there a way to connect studio flash unit to the camera?

Thanks for your help....

TD27 Sep 3, 2002 4:39 PM

Hi Danang1,

I can tackle a few of your questions about the G2...

The battery life is SUPERB!!!!!! I can't rave enough about it. Even with the LCD on (and auto-shut-off disabled) I get HOURS out of a battery. I tend to walk around with the camera on, ready to shoot, and on a trip to Asia a couple of weeks ago I had THREE batteries with me, and did NOT have to change from the first one at any time during the trip. Compared with my Nikon 5000, which EATS batteries, I was really in heaven with this camera. How many shots? I never counted, but I took just over 1000 shots in less than two weeks so I'd say that EASILY I got 70-100 shots and still didn't have to change batteries.

As far as file-size goes, I don't use the RAW format (highest quality) but prefer instead the highest quality (lowest compression) JPEG format. Files range from about 1,800 to 3,500 KB depending, I guess, on the photo being taken. I always use the same settings, so the only factor here is subject/lighting that might affect the file size.

I don't know about external flash with this camera... I've only ever used the built-in one, and find it better than any other digital I've used.

Hope this helps...


Jas Sep 10, 2002 8:55 PM


What size of quality prints have you been able to get with G2 using highest resolution and least compression? Any experiences printing using medium (Fine) compression mode?

ursa Sep 11, 2002 3:16 PM

Regarding battery life I have to agree it's great. I have two batteries but have yet to use one up and switch in the field.

Regarding CF card size - I have 2x32 Megs and 1x64. The first two really are too small - I only get about 27 shots per card. I find that with shooting digital I take a lot more shots than with film.

I'm probably going to get a couple of 256 MB cards for a trip to Europe. I'd suggest getting either one of these or two 128 MB cards depending on which option is cheaper in your area. It also depends on how close you tend to be with your computer - for weddings and short visits I have enough memory with what I have. If you're going to be away for a while then it's a different story.

The rule of thumb I used with my older Nikon 950 camera was to match the card size to battery life. Then when you fill up the card you swap batteries and card at the same time. I'm guessing but I think a 256 MB card would fit that bill.

Buying one big card runs the risk of losing all your photos at once, many small cards is pain too.

Re: medium compression - I've used this setting for the most part and have been satisfied with prints up to 5x7 with some cropping. I'll try an 8x10 tonight and see how it works.

Does anyone have some insights on how the JPEG compression works vs. megapixels?

TD27 Sep 11, 2002 5:55 PM


I regularly print Super A3 (13" x 19") using my Epson printer and the quality is really great. So good that most of the time people cannot believe the prints are digital.

No, I haven't experimented with the lower quality (higher compression). I simply don't want to have the good luck to end up with the "World's Best Photo" and the bad luck to have used a lower quality setting. You can always reduce size/quality AFTER you take a shot, but you cannot increase it.

Of course having two IBM 1gb MicroDrives helps my situation!

Hope this helps...


zapdingbat Oct 2, 2002 1:00 PM

G2 Pic Size
I use the G2 at the highest quality JPEG possible and I can fit approximately 65-70 pictures on a 128meg flash card. I don't use the RAW because, frankly speaking it's a royal pain in the ass. Processing the pictures on your computer takes about ten times as long as opening a jpeg - and when you're talking about sixty pictures that can really add up. (I think I waited a half hour one time for 30 RAW files to be converted into a useable form for adobe photoshop.) Of course, experimentation demanded that I try out the RAW mode and, frankly, there is that much difference from the best quality jpegs. I'm serious.I have just quit using the raw mode altogether. It'smore trouble than it worth quality wise. I'm extremely happy with prints up to 5X7 in size from the G2. Using the best quality jpeg mode, that translates into 300 dpi for a 5x7 print. The 5X7s ARE virtually undistinquishable from film. But above that size, prints are merely okay. You can squeeze out a decent 8x10, but it needs to be a really outstanding shot (eg perfect focus, great colour balance, perfect exposure. etc). I hope this helps. I love my G2, but damn G3 arrives only three months after I bought mine. OUCH!

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