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I`m probably gonna buy this photo so Im interested in some information from "first hand". I saw lots of reviews on net, and I`m pleased with it, but i want to know are you pleased with quality of pictures made with maximum zoom (hand held), are you pleased qith night photos (i saw pretty much noise even on iso 200), and his flash (how would you rate its real capability - in meters).
Also I`m a little confused when i saw that it supose to have "mechanical shutter"??? realy? and does it realy have 1/3200 shutter speed? manuel or some auto mode.
I`m also wondering does LCD faithfuly shows white balance of pics, cos i saq lots of photos that had to bright displays, and afterwards pics were to dark on computer.

Also what is this Interval Shooting? Same as continous shooting?

Shooting interval: approx. 1 – 60 min. (1-min. increments)
Number of shots: 2 – 100 shots (Maximum number of shots varies according to SD card capacity.)

and this?

PC-controlled Shooting - Available (USB connection only. Exclusive software program is included in the camera kit.) - what does this mean?

I was impressed with movie quality, and Im wondering how much does it takes up memory 1 minutes/MBs, and does the camera itselfs zoom in movie mode when i record moving objects, or do i have to do that manualy?

Any major issues? I read about memor card errors, and some false empty battery issue, i hope thats not the issue for all canon s2 cameras.

Thanx for your patient and replies, and excuse my grammar I`m from Bosnia :?

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http://alpha02.c-wss.com/inc/ApplServlet?SV=WWUCA900 ... This should connect you up with Canon's document download site . The S2 manual is in a PDF format and should answer most of your questions. As far as I'm concernd the quality is great at all zoom ranges. Very happy with the camera.
Good luck
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I am very happy with this camera. Noise is a little more than that of the fz5.
The 3200 shutter speed is only available at f8.0. Lower than that and it maxes out at 1600, which is stil very fast.

Night photos are difficult to judge. The IS helps if the subject stays still. ISO 400 helps if the subjects move, and you dont mind the noise.

I have had no problem with my s2, except that only 2 of my 6 USB ports copies ALL the photos when I have more than about 600 on my camera.
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Furd has the right idea about downloading the PDF version of the manual. I use my S2 constantly, yet there are still functions that pop up from time to time that keeps the manual at hand.

Considering what it is capable of, I have no complaints with the S2. It is an awesome package for the money. The lens is incredible,at all ranges, and the DIGIC II chip manages the system in fine fashion. It isn't perfect, though, as nothing can be for that price. Low light, low contrast situtions demand your attention in order to get quick and accurate focus. The IS system allows you to get sharp shots at impossible shutter speeds, but you are best served by paying attention to what is going on and doing your part in keeping the camera still during exposure. The technology will allow you to get shots that an SLR system could only capture with a massive cash injection, but you have to be in control in order to make it all work. The S2 is limited in terms of ISO range compared to an SLR, but the IS and use of it's other features makes that limitation a minor annoyance most of the time. I can live with that limitation, rather than give up the other great features that become second nature in short order.

The S2 can be used like a point and shoot, but it really delivers the goods when you are comfortable with it, and are able to use the mode dial for more than "auto" or "movie" mode. I use the Program mode as my base setting, and switch to others as the situation demands. In my view, Auto mode is too limiting, and is only good for Grandma. Spending time exploring and understanding the complete mode and feature range offered by the S2 will put you in command of an amazing "system" that can't be equaled by an SLR for less than four times the price.

The S2 is a great camera, and the more you explore it's capabilities, the better it gets.

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Old Oct 2, 2005, 11:55 PM   #5
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Well, I am a "Grandma" and not a young one either. I just got the S2 and I am exploring it!!! And having fun at it also... I hardly use Auto mode. Went to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago and got great pictures, including some panoramic wonderful ones. silvia
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Interval Shooting: You set the time interval, and the camera will take a photo every time until you run out of battery or storage space (if you want). It's time lapse photography.

PC-controlled Shooting: hook up the camera to the PC USB port and control it from the PC with the Canon program. The viewfinder image shows up on the computer screen and pictures you take can be stored on the computer hard drive.

Just a rough guess here, but at the higest resolution (640x480, 30 frames/sec) the camera will record about 15 minutes on a one gig SD card. Movie file sizes are limited to one gig. The camera focuses itself, but the zoom is manual.

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I've had my Canon S2 IS a little over three months and I'm delighted with it. I also still have a Panasonic DMC-FZ20. Even though most people would agree the Panasonic has a better lens, I seldom use it - I use the Canon S2 IS almost exclusively because the camera is so much more versatile! The Canon lens is plenty good enough for my needs. If the Canon S2 IS had been available at the time I got the Panasonic, I would have gotten it then instead.

I've shot a few 640x480 30fps video clips with it and the results are comparable to what I get with my Panasonic PV-GS15 miniDV camcorder - very good. Obviously I can shoot video longer with the camcorder than I can with the S2 IS, but most times I don't need more than a few seconds at a time. The sound quality is very good also, and I like being able to zoom while shooting video. I've also used it to just record sound a few times, such as at meetings. As I said,the S2 IS is extremely versatile! It's much easier to use for night photography than the FZ20 due to the "gain up" of the viewfinder / LCD in low light. The articulated LCD has been handy a few times also for shots over a crowd or shots close to the ground.

I haven't tried the PC-controlled Shooting yet, but am looking forward to using it with a laptop next year to get some hummingbird shots. Plug the camera into a computer via a USB cable and use the included software to fully control the camera from the computer. It would also be great for studio use.

Here's one of my favorite night shots from my Toronto trip in July - a one second exposure at ISO 100 and F2.8. I rested the camera on concrete.
Attached Images
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