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I expected the G7 to have a long telephoto and just cannot wait any longer for Canon to put one in the G series and have ben researching the FZ50. A lot of noise about noise and high ISO performance with it but it is what I expected the G 7 to be . Any thots about comparative picture quality of the two cameras, G5 and FZ50, in the low ISO settings? If the picture quality is as good as the G5 I would be happy with the rest of the features. I love my G5 and have taken thousands of photos but I miss the long tele and at age 72 starting to feel the need for IS.
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I haven't seen a review of the camera yet, and it's not out yet.
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I recently traded the beautiful Canon G-5 for a Panny FZ-30 and do not regret my decision.

Overall, it's been a great performer, amazing optics with semi-pro features for a bargain.

There are trade-offs however, which are exactly what you were concered about. Canon is much better in low light on the wide angle, even with the FZ-30's IS and Leica Optics. Canon had an F2.0 vs F2.8 and Canon's ISO-400 was better noise-wise than the FZ-30's ISO-200. I need a faster shutter more than I need need IS. I don't take night stills, so the Canon wins there hoands-down.

Panasonics are noisy cameras, but you'll get to appreciate them when shooting RAW. The issue with Panasonic noise lies in the fact that their Venus engine almost never post-processes the sensor data, like cleaning and smoothing Luma noise and softening edges. It might look noisy when you look at it first, but you're guaranteed better image data if you plan to post-process in Photoshop CameraRAW or Lightroom (these are just examples of the ones I use). Beware that you'd be out of luck integrating an FZ-30 or FZ-50 into an Apple Aperture RAW workflow. Panasonic RAW not supported on the FZ-30 or FZ-50 yet.

What you'll love:
Lens range with unlimited posibillities, especially if you're into long zooms.
The OIS works well.
Much brighter clearer LCD, the EVF is great too.
Manual zoom and focus rings.
Handles and feels more like an SLR than the Digital Rebel IMHO.
Good erogonomics.
Leica optics.

What you'll miss:
Canon's intuitive menu system. I didn't care for Panasonic's but it's usable.
Canon's LCD swivels sideways (for self-portraiture).
Little bulkier, but for a good reason.

Frinally, I think the league of Samsung Pro 815 and Sony R1 is what the FZ-50 should have been targeting, but I still hear people griping about noise. Remember the FZ-50 is a small-sensor camera after all, not a D-SLR. If I were buying the same camera again, I'd take a serious look at the Samsung Digimax Pro-815... not because of Panasonic's shortcomings as much as it is about the added features... wider zoom range, bigger sensor size (better noise-handling) and LCD size, Schneider-Kreuznach lens F.2.2-4.6 at 28mm-420mm. It's worth taking a look at.

Hope my two cents are helpful and good luck.

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