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Old Mar 10, 2003, 6:04 PM   #1
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Default S-400 ordered... Will I be happy?

Hi all, thanks to bnbhoha's post, I ordered one of the S-400s from Dell.Com.

Now when I look at the sample pictures on Steve's review it seems like there are focus problems and colors look a bit washed out.

Of those with experience, can you tell me if I will be happy with the quality of the pictures from the S-400 ?

I have always had Olympus cameras and have been extremely pleased with their color rendition and focal clarity. (Although Olympus seems to exhibit CA fringing on certain models).

Thanks for all replies, Bill Lynch - Mission Viejo, California
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Old Apr 24, 2003, 7:14 PM   #2
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Hi Bill
i've had an ixus v (digital elph ?) which the s400 is based on for two years now and it is an excellent little camera, the 400 has had great reviews in various forums, i'm sure you will love iot

Good luck
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Old Apr 25, 2003, 7:07 AM   #3
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Hi, I was in two minds about the Canon A70 and S400 and comparing the pics from the two models it did seem as though the S400 was more out of focus where as the A70 wasn't but wheter thats because of the settings or conditions in which it was shot i don't know. That aided in my choice of camera (A70) as did the lower price tag

Just my two cents worth :P
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Old Apr 29, 2003, 6:42 PM   #4
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Default Same boat - hope so!

Mine's also on order after an internet session influenced by alcohol!
I have a canon EOS 50e film and love the features, ergonomics and engineering, but it never gets taken anywhere. Went for the ixus for size/quality compromise.

I've since done alot of internet research. The sample pics seem to compare well (especially given its size) and the "panorama stitch" feature is great, from personal experience with someone's s45, but simillar available on pentax cams.

WHAT REALLY FRUSTRATES ME is the lack of any control over shutter speed/ aperture payoff! The lens opens to f2.8 at wideangle so should be able to get reasonable shutter speeds. Another thread asks about this. Surely is is just a matter of software and could be included even in basic form ( a slider to adjust aperture/ speed within the same exposure value ). On my EOS a wheel doing this in "P" mode and a wheel for exposure compensation makes Manual, Aperture priority and Shutter priority largely redundant! People could still "point and shoot" if they wanted.

Other times you need minimum depth of field, for sharp subjects contrasting on a blurred background. However this may be a moot point as I imagine at full zoom the camera will have the aperture wide open if you set the ISO to 50, as it will try to minimise camera shake with fast shutter speeds.

Also, no doubt a 5MP version will be out soon, but the proportional increase in resolution for each extra MP gets smaller and smaller.
A 640 res movie mode would also be very welcome, even for 30 seconds. It seems like something else Canon have deliberately left out (it is was available on the 3.2MP s230 but apparently the 400 has a G3 based ccd) :evil:

In conclusion, I haven't cancelled :? but am wondering whether to get the kyocera finecam s5 (but sl. bigger and slow in camera battery charge), olympus camedia or pentax 430!

I suspect all our fears will evaporate when we take it out the box!
Sorry bout the whinging rant - feels better off my chest.
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Old May 1, 2003, 6:05 PM   #5
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Thanks for all the replies. I did get the S-400 and have used it quite a bit already. I am impressed with the build quality, but the pictures are very disappointing.

I have used Olympus digitals and adore their clarity and color representation. I was so upset with the first pictures I got form the S-400.

I found with the S-400 I am much happier with the results if I turn *off* the AIAS in favor of spot-focusing.

My biggest complaint about the S-400 is terrible depth of field. So not only is focusing a problem, but with shallow depth of field, there is a tiny plane of focus in the first place.

I bought 2 A60 cameras for my daughters and sure, they have plastic cases and seem much more cheaply built, but hey, the pictures from the A60 are much clearer and sharper than the S-400.

I guess that's the cost of having such a compact camera.... crappy lens?

So, I will keep the S-400 because it is so pretty and handy and fits in a pocket like a cell-phone. But it sure can't be my only camera.

I wonder why Canon is so popular when their cameras make such crappy pictures?

Oh well....
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Old Jul 23, 2003, 12:11 PM   #6
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I had the old IXUS (S100) which is the same size with 2.1MPix. That produced great pictures. Unfortunately it mysteriously stopped working. I bought an IXUX v3 (S230) and I'm very disappointed. The quality has really degraded.
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