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I'm not a serious photographer, and don't use my S1 IS much (probably not enough to have justified getting it actually). But I want to be able to take some pictures when I want to . . . It seems like the batteries discharge awfully fast while the camera is not being used. It seems like I have to charge the batteries every two - three weeks, even if I have only taken one or two pix in that time. Is this normal, or do I have a bad set of batteries? I bought my batteries and charger from the dealer where I bought the camera - 2300 mAH Promasters and a Promaster charger.


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I have noticed that if I let my S1 sit for a month with out using it the batteries end up fairly low, even though I had just charged them. I use Kodak 2300 mAH batteries so our situations are almost identical - as is our experience. Consequently I recharge my batteries once a month whether I've used them or not.

Hopefully the S2 (when I get one) won't be this way!

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I have three sets of batteries but it does seem to use some power when not in use.
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Yes, I found that 3 sets of batteries was the safest way for me to go too. When I'm taking pictures all day long I sometimes get into the 3rd set of batteries.
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I just got my new S2 IS and think it is great! My old camera a Canon G1 had similar problems with the battery (20 shots using the flash and the battery was dead.). Two things seemed to fix the problem. First I bought a 512MB Ultra CF. This allowed me to take ~60 flash shots on one charge. After about a year I bought new batteries from a place for ~$15 each vs Canon's ~$70 ea. The new batteries must have pixie dust because they don't seem to loose their charge at all (I got tired at 350 shots, mixed flash and regular).
So, when I got my new S2 IS, I bought a 1GB Ultra SD memory card. I used the Original batteries for over a week and 130 shots (mixed). Like others have said get Energizers and you should do fine.
My wife got me the S2 to take pictures of Clay Aiken at concerts. Thanks to Tsapio.

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