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as of today I'm the proud owner of an s1 (yes!!!).

Here's my first question ( probably one of many) ( and forgive me if it's a stupid one) :?
Can one set it to take Auto Exposure bracketing while in auto mode? The instruction book talks about using it when in "P" "Tv" and "Av" ( pg 84) modes, but I'd like to be able to use it in Auto.

Oh, and a follow-up to that - is there anyway of making that auto exposure bracketing one of the shotcuts?

Thanks folks - 5 days away from taking my new camera to Beijing !!!!!!!

The joys of the Yuletide to you all!
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I'm a newbie as well so hopefully someone else can help out as well...

As far as I know, you cannot use exposure bracketing in auto (in fact, you can't really do much in auto).

As far as setting the shortcut key, I'm not too sure about that. I don't remember what the restrictions on the shortcut key are.
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Hi ,The only difference between auto and P is that you can change settings .I have not bothered to set any custom function buttons on mine but a lot of owners set hyper focal distance setttings so that they can focus in low light better.My biggest tip to you would be to use P rather than Auto so you can set ISO to 50 as quality drops off quickly with higher ISO's and the camera shifts to higher ISO's a bit quicker than I would like in some situations.

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I would agree. There's not much you can change in auto mode except the flash settings andauto timer, which is why I personally don't use it that much. According to the manual, exposure bracketing is only available in P, Tv, and Av.

Full auto isgood for a quick snapshot, simply point and shoot. My wife tends to favour auto mode since this is her style of photo and doesn't much like it when I forget to turn it back to auto before putting the camera in the bag. She wants to be able to grab the camera and snap a few without fooling with settings. I have got her using the preset auto modes though, portrait, landscape, night, etc. This helps improve quick shapshots a lot.

As for the shortcut key, Iusingit for white balance (so far) as I find myself changing this function more than most, but if there's a trick to making focus better in low light I'd love to hear it.

How would you go about setting focal distances to the shortcut key?

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