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I purchased my first digital camera, a PowerShot S1 IS, just over a week ago. At the same time I purchased a pair of SimpleTech 256 MB Compact Flash cards from a different vendor. I've found that the camera works well with the Canon supplied 32 MB CF card, but I started having problems soon after I started using the 256 MB card. After taking a few pictures and turning the camera off, I would turn on the camera in preview mode only to find that 'No Image' message. I tried formatting the card as recommended by the manual but the problem persists. By experimentation I found I could turn it on in camera mode and sometimes be able to switch it to preview mode. Using this method I was able to recover the pictures and download them from the camera.

This morning I called SimpleTech tech support. After describing the problem, they agreed it looked like a bad flash card. They recommeded I try the second flash card which hadn't been opened, and if it worked okay, I should return the bad card. Unfortunately, the second card behaves exactly the same. I called Canon tech support and they have not heard of any compatibility issues with CF cards. They recommend trying a different brand. Of course they wouldn't recommend a specific brand, but I see the supplied 32 MB card is a rebranded SanDisk.

I'm wondering if others have experienced compatibility issues with the S1 IS and other vendors CF cards, or do I possibly have a bad camera? Any input is welcome.

TIA - John :P
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I have the same problem witha "Pretec" 256 MB card which worked fine for almost 2 years in my S30 camera.
After making a lot of shots the first 50 pictures are not there anymore, after I download an delete the pictures the format menu displyas 173 MB used space. The strange thing is that this problem started to happen only after 3 weeks of usage. I tried the supplied 32 MB Canon card and I have an error on that one as well, error mesage "memory card problem". If I change the cards the camer displays the old memory card info until I reformat the card abou 2-3 times.
I have given back my camera to the local shop and the told me that with their SnaDisk memory card they do not have any problem.

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I returned the two SimpleTech CF cards and purchased a 512 MB SanDisk Ultra II ($140 at Staples). So far (< 24 hr) it has been working beautifully.

I went with the high speed card because it was locally available and Staples had another PowerShot S1 IS on display. If I had problems with the new card, I planned to ask Staples if I could test it in their display model. That would help determine if my camera was at fault.

I plan to call both Canon and SimpleTech and report the results. Both claimed to have no reports of compatibility problems. :P

Steve, Is there anyway to document compatibility issues with Compact Flash cards? I'm thinking of some sort of matrix showing those combinations known to work and those known to have problems.
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Great for you!
I've keep having almost exactly the same symptons with my new S2 Powershot (which is marvelous) using a Kingston Elite Pro 1Gb (Securedigital), changed the card to another same type kingston and still the same problem.
Tomorrow I'll change the kingston to a Sandisk Ultra II, heard only good things about that brand...
I hope it works for me too
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Old Jun 14, 2005, 10:44 PM   #5
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I also purchased a Powershot S1 very recently. I am having no problems with various old compact flash cards: 2 x 128 MB from Extreme Memory, 1 x 128 MB from Toshiba and a 256 MB Ultra II from Sandisk. They were previously used with a Powershot A70 and I didn't even reformat them. As long as you make only still pictures, there will be no speed difference, which can be felt, between the various cards. However, if you want to use it for the high quality movie mode [email protected] fps, then you definitely need a fast card. For this purpose I just bought a 1 GB Ultra II card for 78€ (including german VAT).
Thus your problems are probably solely due to the SimpleTech card, which perhaps violates the compact flash specification.
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Old Oct 28, 2005, 5:26 PM   #6
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I just recently purchased a simpletech 512mb CF card and it's working well so far. I went with simpletech because it's what they show at the Canon website for the S1 IS.

I had purchased a Kingston 1gb CF card first that that had major problems. It wouldn't format (literally shut the camera down after any attempt to format). Of course, memory card issues persisted.

After hours of searching and reading up on forums (such as this here), seems Canon has a "proprietary monopoly" to memory cards, as i put it.

So i visited the Canon website in search of purchasing an OEM Canon CF card and i found that they're showing simpletech cards, hence i purchased a 512mb from amazon and so far it's working beautifully.

My S1 came upgraded with the new firmware. Hope all works well... i'll post back if it fails.

If this card doesn't work too... i give up! New camera... either that or someone find me an OEM 512mb CF card by Canon!

Just my 2 cents.

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This is a wild guess, but I wonder if it's a problem similar to what I experienced with Smart Media cards when I had an Olympus C2100UZ?

I was told that the way to avoid trouble with them was to never use the 'move' command to transfer pictures from the card to my computer (via a card reader). Instead, it was recommended that I always use the 'copy' command. I had no trouble after that (except for the 2 cards that were already ruined).

I now have an S1IS - and because I'm scared of ruining the Compact Flash cards, I follow exactly the same rule - only copy the files & never move them.

So far (cross my fingers) I've had no problems with them......
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