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Having had a Canon A20 for a number of years and being very pleased with it, I decided to purchase a S1 IS several months ago. The initial indoor pictures taken on Auto setting all seemed very over exposed with a considerable amount of "flash" showing on any metal or light surface. I downloaded and applied the firmware patch which seemed to help some, but not enough that I want to take indoor pictures with this camera. My Canon A20 seems to put the S1 IS to shame on indoor shots. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks much!!
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I found this as well. Personally I like to use the Pmode and control the white balance for the lighting conditions, rather than Auto mode.

I use white balance enough that I have this set on the shortcut button.

It makesa huge difference in exposure and colour detail.
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Switch to P mode (which is auto, with options) and try turning off the flash completely. Setting the white balance manually can definitely help under these conditions. If your pics are still too dark or you're getting too much motion blur from long shutter speeds then turn the flash back on, but lower the flash intensity some. Of course, you could also keep the flash off and just turn on more lights in the room, too. The S1 has great colors, so there's no reason to be shooting in dim rooms if you don't have to.
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Thanks for the advice. I got much better results shooting in P mode with the flash off.
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Reelfun1 -

I hadn't tried the 'P' setting on my S1IS until I read your mention of it. I tried it today & was surprised to find how easy it was to make adjustments, and how effective they were. THANKS!

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P mode is the best way to shoot... it's pretty much the same as the AUTO mode but you can control stuff... for example, you can boost ISO for low-light pics (but this produces noise though)...
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I use hyperfocal settings indoors as follows:

set in aperture priority mode:

f5.6, flash on auto, iso 50, manual focus to approx 3 ft, white balance to flash setting, zoom to widest angle (i.e. no telephoto at all) then go to menu and save as custom setting. Just switch to "c" mode when shooting indoors. This eliminates indoor focus problems as everything from about 2 ft and out will be in focus. Only thing is that this will preclude the use of the zoom - should not be an issue for indoor shots anyway... Sample image attached
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