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I'm considering buying an S1 IS to replace my failing Mini-DV camcorder and OLY C-3050 in one fell-swoop. Is this realistic from the camcorder side? How do the movies compare to a mini-DV camcorder? How much time can I record on a fast 1G CF card? Has anyone here shot video underwater with the waterproof housing? If so, what were your results?
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Although the movies from the S1 IS are decent, its just not possible to compare a camera to a camcorder. A camcorder is made to record moving picture and sound whereas a camera is made to take still shots. The videos are just a bonus.
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S1 has one of the best movie function for this kind of camera. With a 1 Gb CF You get:

640 x 480 pixels Fine (max. 9:09 at 30fps)
640 x 480 pixels (max. 12:23 at 30fps)
320 x 240 pixels (max. 26:41 at 30fps)

You can use zoom, sound at 22khz (good quality) and the remote control (if You have).
The quality is not much lower an a digicam but the recording time is short.
Check these reviews:

You can find some movie too.
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One sliiiiiiight problem: the movies are not that great under low light conditions. There's no assist light like there is on dedicated camcorders.

Also, make sure you get a type II CF. O/w you may be dropping frames.
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I don't pretend to know anywhere near as much as anyone else who posts here, but I've spent the last few weeks looking through all the latest reviews. Have you taken a look at the A95? It's only a 5X zoom instead of the 10X on the S1, but I've got a friend who has one and swears by the underwater housing. Worth a look mabybe? Good luck!
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I have now had my S1 for almost 5 months andam still learning every day.

The movie function, as I see it, is a cool built in extra feature but you can never compare it with a real digital cam corder. IMO the S1 is still just a digi-cam and is not to be compared to a cam corder. Too many differences!! But it is a great feature and I have used it a couple of times in funny or sudden situations. I have uploaded some samples of the movie function to http://blueskypilot.dk.

Some of them are directly from the camera and some are compressed due to their large size.

I have acouple of low light (in almost darkness)clips and will upload them as soon as I have the time. Studies first you know! :G

The low light clips are a bit grainy and shows me that the S1 has some limits when it comes to night shooting. But I still have a lot to learn so I might have missed a setting or two! The camera itself is very good I think. I personally am thinking of buying a couple of add on lenses to make it even more fun to shoot!

With regards to the underwater housing I have not seen much on the www showing the S1 in use! Since it is getting colder here in Denmark I reckon I don't need it the next 7 months afterall! :roll:
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