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Seb74 Apr 13, 2004 6:45 AM

S1 vs C-765, C-765 worth waiting for do you think?
I'd love to have a 10x zoom camera and the S1 seems really cool, but a few things keep me from buying one right away.

1. It doesn't have the best macro-capabilities from what I've heard, and macro-photos are very cool to impress people with.

2. It has maybe a bit too much noise in the pictures.

3. It has a (small?) problem with chromatic abberation.

4. It is slow with its AF and maybe a bit bad in low light.

5. It is maybe a little to large to carry in a normal pocket.

So, do you guys think the C-765 might be better (except it has no IS which many seem to think is not needed during good lighting conditions and fast shutterspeeds).

The coming Olympus is a smaller camera (easier to take with you everywhere) and it has 4MP and probably great macro-mode, and that might make up for the fact it has no IS.
So what it comes down to in the end is which of them will take the best pictures, which will have the least noise, least C.A., and which will have best auto-focus.

Do you think Olympus is worth waiting for, or is it for some reason obvious it wont be in the same league as S1 regarding quality???
I dont know if its very low price will make it a budget-camera compared to the more expensive old C-750, or if quality will be about the same....

Also, the Olympus will have very expensive special camera-battery, LI-10B. How are those? Lifetime (nr of charges), capacity, charging-time, do you need to uncharge/charge fully or can you charge them a bit whenever you want etc? I've never had those kind of batterys and cant find tests of them :(

Thanks :)

Edit: Oh, and the pixelmapping feature on the Olympus seems just great, specially when its old and no warranty. Thats almost a must have...

Adwulf Apr 13, 2004 11:36 AM

We don't know if the AF is now better an 750 (not fast and not sensitive)
We don't know if CA is better an 750 (not so good)
No AF assist-lamp.
Compressed movie (MPG4) which means longer rec-time. But what about the quality?
Remember: the perfect camera doesn't exist. You can pay more but You will be always unsatisfied with some solution.

aliquis Apr 16, 2004 2:41 PM

I wonder the same, i want the S1 IS, but c-750 seem to take sharper pictures and the same should be true for the c-765, and it's said to have a faster processor so af might be faster than the s1 is.. so i can't decide and are stuck :(

Sucks that canon images aren't as sharp as olympus ones are :(

aliquis Apr 18, 2004 7:52 AM

Bara så du vet:

Priset på Olympus Camedia C-765 har gått ner!
Kikade technikdirekt nu och den kostar 385 euro eller 3493 sek.
Så jag lägger nog en beställning nu och försöker vara nöjd och glad :)

Får bara hoppas jag blir nöjd med den isf, trist om den suger ;D

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