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Our S1 IS purchased in the summer of 2004 has randomly begun refusing to read ANY memory cards. I have tried three different CF cards, the last one being the SanDisk Ultra II 512MB (which I've read on these forums is supposed to be the most universally accepted by this line of Canon digicams). All of these bring up a message on the LCD that simply says "Memory Card error". The option to format the card is grayed out in the menu screen. I've searched and read through thread after thread, which mostly suggest using the SD Ultra II card, which I've tried.

Assuming I've properly ruled out that the cards themselves are not the problem, would anyone have any suggestions for how I might fix this issue? I'm obviously past the standard warranty period, leaving me with few options except to purchase a new camera. The camera, until this problem arose, took excellent photos...always extremely pleased with it's performance.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I'd try a set set of batteries, the next thing would be rule out dust in the card slot.
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Old Feb 28, 2006, 2:05 AM   #3
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Maybe a cotton bud or similar soaked in video head cleaning solution and try wiping the contacts inside if it's not the batteries

Cheers Dom
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THe pins are bent in the camera or they have broken. This is a common problem with CF memory. Think about this, its not an EOS or a Rebel. Ive read a few people have bent or broken pins on a camera that is 3X the value of the S1.

Its a bad memory design its not your fault. This is why the memory design has changed.

What they should have done is put the pins in the memory card insted of the unit. You could actualy see the bent pins and replace the cheaper unit.

You may be able to get the camera into some light and peek into the slot and see the bent pins. Ive read of a few people using mechanical pencils to slip over the pins and bend them back into shape but it sounds like you have pushed them over to far and any other bending may break them off.

Canon sells a replacement CF socket on almost every camera they make because its so common. Maybe you can order the part and replace it. A good repair guy on this forum is cybershot nut. He is good and has good repair fees.
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IndySmooth wrote:
I've searched and read through thread after thread, which mostly suggest using the SD Ultra II card, which I've tried.

That card definately will not work in a S1...
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