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Dear forumI am a new owner of Canon S2 IS. Next week i will be going to the alps for few days and i was wondering if anyone in this firum has used S2 in extreme cold conditions (say -10 to -14C) and for how long? I know the battery life goes down under such conditions, so io have paked with 2 sets of extras. But apart from battery has anyone come across something else with the camera itself (with regards to its functioning).Thanks in advanceRajCanon S2some recent pics from S2http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/2464437
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Rajat - I live in Michigan where winters get pretty cold.
Outside, you will be just fine except as you know your batteries will not last as long. There is no damage to the batteries they just drain quicker.
Your camera and lens can suffer from the rapid change from COLD to WARM (but not the other way) Basically you are fighting the condensation that forms on the camera when you bring it inside.

The standard treatment is to purchase some "Zip Lock" type food storage bags that have an airtight seal. They are fairly inexpensive and sold in most food stores. Put your camera in one and seal it BEFORE you go inside where it is warm and humid.

Allow the condensation to disappear from the bag - this may take 30 to 45 minutes or so. Be patient !

If you do not protect your camera in some way - sooner or later the moisture will get in your camera and quite possibly really mess things up.

Be sure to carry extra batts in an inside pocket, close to your body.

Good Shooting
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I had mine out this weekend. 5F at the bottom of the hill, -2F at the summitt,. I did not have any problems. 50 pics or so, kept it in the outside, uninsulated pocket of my jacket. The pocket was more to keep it out of the snow as I skied.
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I have had mine out a few times now in sub zero weather -3 or so. It seemed fine but then again I was care full with it hodling it close etc.
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thanks a lot for all your advice and comments. So i guess the key is i shouldnt be as scared as i am are right now. The zip lock food bags talked about...are they the same as the polythene sandwich bags avaialable in the supermarket? Normally they are quite thin. Or am i thinking of something else?
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Iused a Fuji S3000 at -28 in Norway a couple of years ago and that was OK.

Although the cold zaps your batteries, once they are rested in a warm place (ie your pocket), some life will come back to them, so might be able to re-insert them before re-charging them.

I know it sounds daft, but making a sort of wool / quiltedcoat for the camera might help
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