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just took some pics off the camera that i took out for a walk with the dog yesterday. I seem to have had focus problems with them. Not sure what i've done wrong. Only thing i notice is that the out of focus ones have a slightly slower shutter speed.

What have i done wrong. Helpful comments please. I put them at this link..(some in focus and some out of focus..)


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I notice that all the pictures except one were taken at f 3.5 and I've found (I have an S1IS) that at that aperture, the focus is noticeably poorer than at smaller apertures like f 5.6.

On the other hand I also see that the picture taken at f5.6 had a very slow shutter speed - 1/13 - so my thought on that one is that if the camera was hand-held, then it was probably beyond the capacity of the IS system to deal with camera shake, assuming there was some. It doesn't work all that effectively for any hand-held exposures (I've found) unless I'm either very careful to make sure the camera's held really still, or the shutter speed gets much shorter, like 1/200 sec., but I don't have the steadiest grip.

Then there's the matter of what compression setting you were using. I don't see any record of what your camera was set at, but 'Superfine' compression gives the highest quality images.

I don't know about the S2IS, but my S1IS also has a 'low sharpness' setting that give 'softer' pictures. I've read that the sharpening systems used by programs like Photosho & ACDSee and Irfanview do a better job of sharpening than in-camera systems and that it's therefore better to select the 'low sharpening' option when using the camera and to sharpen your pictures using your computer.

In summary - I suggest you set your camera to 'Superfine', to the 'low sharpening' option, and to f5.6 and that you try positioning it on a tripod (or on some stable surface) - and that you apply sharpening after you've uploaded the picture files into your computer.

Incidentally, I downloaded all the pictures and found that the appearance of sharpness was noticeably improved on all of them by applying in-computer sharpening.

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I'd noticed a similar problem with camera shake and I'd wondered why the IS wasn't helping much. Someone advised me to set the IS to 'per shot' instead of continuous. I haven't had a chance to test this yet though.
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I didn`t know that the S2 had legs. When you say you took it out for a walk. Hee Hee. Ok lets be serious I think its the slow speed/wide aperture that is the trouble. Take a few shots under optimum conditions a nice sunshiny day giving you about 1/125 @ F8. Failing that beg borrow or steal a tripod. I always use the IS at per shot otherwise it is operating all the time and it might wear out quicker.
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Thanks everyone, very constructive.

i am now of the view that camera shake played a big part in the quality of the images and i must make a more conscious effort to remain steady. And, that IS doesn't work miracles.

I've only had the camera for a short time and need to get more hours in the saddle (way hey a pun) so to speak :lol: , and those setting hints will come in really handy as i get use to it.

Hoping for some decent weather to get out and try some, but i'm not holding my breath as I do live in scotland, Soon be time to start the winter portfolio :lol:.

The images were set at super fine and yes the S2 has a sharpness adjustment which i'll change down forthwith.

thanks again folks.. i'm off to jot down some notes..

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