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I'm thinking of getting this camera but am so far put off by the negative comments about poor visibility in bright daylight.

If there is no optical viewfinder...how is it possible to frame a shot if you can't see the image ?

Seems like a pretty major flaw to me.

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There is a viewfinder, it's not optical though, its a mini-LCD inside there, or a digital viewfinder. It works quite well in bright sunlight. Everything you see on the main LCD you also see through the viewfinder. Actually I perfer it over the main LCD anyway and always use it instead. I can hold the camera more still that way and it feels more SLR like.
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It's not that bad, but forget trying to use manual focus on an LCD screen!
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The electronic viewfinder works just fine in bright light. I have read a report that says it is tough to see in bright light, and have seen the same review quoted around the net, but I think it might have been a typo, as I have never been faced with a bright situation where the EVF didn't perform well.

I also agree that the manual focus feature has limited use. The S2 has a very capable and fast auto focus, and trying to use the manual focus is both time consuming, and less than precise. I have not tried it yet, but if focus bracketing is available in manual focus mode, I could think of a few situations where manual focus might be useful. Meanwhile, the auto focus works fast, and is accurate.

It took a little time to get used to the EVF, but it grows on you. It shows exactly what your print will show, no matter what zoom setting, or converter lens you have installed. As I stated earlier, it works fine in the brightest light conditions you will encounter. In low light conditions, the S2 EVF works better than an optical viewfinder, as it trades some refresh cycles for a longer exposure time on the CCD. The bottom line is that you see some time distortion when trying to track a moving target, but you get to see the target fairly well. Better to see what you are shooting, and anticipate it's motion, than not see the target at all through an optical viewfinder.

All in all, the EVF is a plus. The basic review mode will let you judge the overall quality of your shots, while the 10x review zoom will let you know if your shots are sharp enough for your needs. By the way, the EVF offers the same number of pixels as the external LCD, and all information shown on the external LCD is shown on the EVF.You can choose between either one at will, but the EVF is my favorite in most direct shooting situations, as it is shielded from glare effects. The viewfinder also has a diopter adjustment, so even if you are old like me, you get a crisp and clear view without needing to use your drugstore reading glasses.


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