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Hotoru Feb 12, 2006 4:02 AM

FYI to anyone having same problem.

My daughter finally killed my old Sony P93. The videos were pretty good on my P93 but pretty dark in low light. So, I would re-encode ones that were hard to see with TMpegEnc (freeware). [You can load video ->settings -> Advanced -> Simple Color Correction -> Increase Gamma to your liking. Then set save file and Start encoding.] It makes the pic more graney but at least you can see!

When I upgraded to the Canon S2 I noticed TMpegEnc would not recognize the AVI files. I spent alot of (off topic) discussion on the Sanyo Xacti forum.

Doing some research and came across this forum

I bumped up the Direct Show priority in TMpegEnc (Environmental Settings) as they recommended. Increasing it to 3 did not work but when I increased to 1st on the list it will now read the Canon S2 AVI files.

Of course, now that I start really looking at my videos I realize that this thing is actually pretty good in low light. Much better low light and video than my Sonly P-93 VX movie mode even when I only set the Canon to 15fps. There was only one video clip out of my cruise vacation that I even needed to up the gamma (even then only by 50). But, at least I can use TMpegEnc Tools to combine my cruise video clips into one for easier viewing. :-)

(I hope this is not repeat but did search on TmpegEnc and did not come up with any hits in the canon forum.)

Hotoru Feb 12, 2006 4:29 AM

I just realized I have to re-encode the AVI files to mpeg before TMpegEnc tools will allow me to combine. I should have realized..doh! Looking at Windows movie maker as I think that will allow me to combine without converting.

Hotoru wrote

......y 50). But, at least I can use TMpegEnc Tools to combine my cruise video clips into one for easier viewing. :-)

Hotoru Feb 13, 2006 12:14 AM

Rats, seems as the videos re encoded with TMpegEnc have a noticible loss in quality even on 2pass VBR. May try to crank up bitrate see if that helps. May still be worth it with video that comes out really dark.

At this point I am really just looking for something to join the files. I played a bit with windows movie maker but I am not really crazy about how it puts each of my clips on a separate sheet (selected by dropdown list) and then breaks up same clip into several in the same collection.

Any suggestions on what people with the Canon S2 are using to join their video and burn to DVD :?

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