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S45_fornow... Jan 28, 2004 7:01 AM

S230-- intermittant underexposure problem... HELP!
I have an S230 and I'm getting underexposed images intermittantly. Maybe like 1 out of every 10-15 shots is drastically underexposed to the point of being almost black. Sometimes I can take 20 or more images without a problem, but then it always happens again sooner or later. This happens mostly indoors when using flash, but the problem also happens occasionally outdoors with no flash and indoors with no flash as well. I can tell when the flash goes off that the image will be underexposed because the flash sound is not as crisp as it normally is, and well, it just has a strange, underpowered and incomplete sound when this occurs. This happens regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or not. I also have two batteries that are both brand new and it does it with both of them. Maybe this is normal behavior for this small cam, but my S45 never behaves that way.

Does anyone else have this problem with their S230 or other Powershot digicam? I am very careful not to block the flash port with my hand/fingers, so that is not the problem.

Thanks for any feedback. I'm going to return the camera if it is defective, so please chime in with any comments.

S45_fornow... Jan 29, 2004 11:38 AM

Problem solved... I sent it back to Amazon yesterday for a refund.


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