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Default S230 movie clips viewable w/Win Media Player?

I want to email movie clips taken with my S230 to friends, whom have Windows Media Player 7.1. However, Windows Media Player 7.1 does not show images.(does not recognize file format).
Firstly, can I modify the file or change some settings to allow Media Player to recognize and play these files properly?
Also, I would need to compress the movie clip to be able to email it.
How exactly do I go about doing that?

Thanks for your help!
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You cannot use mediaplayer. As stated in the manual, you ( and your friends ) must use Quicktime player. However, better way is to convert the AVI file ( imported from the camera ) to a MPEG file. The AVI-MPEG converter is built-in the Video Impression software included in the CD attached with your camera. MPEG's can be played with mediaplayer and they are smaller too.
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Default S230 video clips


I don't own an S230 myself but you may like to try the following to see how you get on:


1. Load up Arcsoft VideoImpression 3.0 or whatever version you have.

2. Click on the GET icon to open the find the video file you wish to
email. Navigate to the disk or folder where the file is stored.

3. An Open dialog box will appear, click on the file and click on the
Open button. Your file will be added to the bottom or end of all the
other files in VideoImpression.

4. Click on the file to highlight it (red box around it) and then click
on the Add to Storyline icon. The first frame will appear in the movie
strip at the bottom.

5. Click on the Play Movie icon (movie projector) which is next to the
Add to Storyline icon. Next click on the Send icon (envelope).

6. A Send dialog box will appear asking you to type in a name for your
file. Type in a name in the box provided and click on OK. The file will
then be processed and an Internet Connection Wizard will appear.

7. Depending on what your Internet settings are the following may or may
not work for you.

8. Type in a Display Name, click on Next.

9. Type in your full email address, click on Next.

10. Email server names (you will have to find this information out for yourself,
but you can try POP3, POP3 and SMTP in each of the respective boxes. Click Next again.

11. Enter account name (your email address). Then the password you were given by
your service provider. Make sure 'Remember Password' is ticked and click on Next. Then
click on Finish.

12. If everything has gone well up to this point, Microsoft Outlook Express should appear
onscreen, with the video file included in the Attachment line, but as a (.exe) file.

Rimbo 8)
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