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Default S230 X A70 X P72 - HELP, please!!

Hi all!!

Well, a friend of mine is in the US right now, about to purchase my first digital-camera, and where i'm located (Brasil), i cant go to a store and pick them up and compare, so i'm basically stuck with deciding which model to go for based on sample pics on websites and user reviews, so...

PLEASE, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's the whole deal:

First off, i must say that 99% of the pics will be of my kids, 99% of the times shot at night and in a very low-light condition. After transfering them to the puter, the best ones will be taken to the lab to be developed, at the default 10x15 cm (inches??) resolution. Also, i'm a very amateur photographer who knows zip about lighting and etc, and etc, and just care about having a good, CLEAR, UNNOISY, "faithfull to the original" image quality. so....

at first, I was geared towards the P72, basically because its a SONY, and i always like SONY stuff. But...

I borrowed a P7 from a friend, and i found the pics rather disapointing... in general, they looked pale, colors washed out and very grainny, noisy when shooting at low light conditions (indoors at night). From the P72 samples i found on this very website and on this forum, posted by users, i got the same impression when compared to Canon's models pic samples. Am i right or is it just my confused impression?

I really liked the samples i found here at Steves and a the pics some friends of mine makes with one S30 and one G2. Very colorfull ones, very clear, not washed out like the P72. If you compare Steves samples for both (P72 and A70), you'll notice that very easily.

Basically my question is: under the conditions and usage i described above, which one should i go for: A70 or S230?? Please, remember the low-light indoor pics, where the P72 really fails...

A70 and S230 users outhere, PLEASE, help!!

The A70 is obviously more affordable to me, but i'm worried if i'd miss some of the features the S230 have. Can someone please tell me if i'll probably miss those features under the conditions and purpouses i mentioned???

Also, and this will sound very odd, i HATE small cameras (have big hands), so smaller size is not actually a plus for me...

Also, its very unlikelly i'll have the pics to be developed at a wider size than the 10x15 cm usual one, so i think the A60 would do for me in case the A70 is the choice. Any comemnts on that??

Folks, i'd really appreciate any help, becase my choice will be mostly based on the advices i get from this forum users!!

thanks a lot and PEACE!!

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go for the a70, its bigger than the s230 and has a ton of features and manual, but also is great point and shoot. I'd go for the a70 rather than the a60 so you can crop more and have the choice to print larger images.
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We have the A60 and the S400. For what you describe, I think the A70 is your better choice. You will not be sorry with the A70.
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