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Second day with S3 IS-I've set my camera on M1 and Superfine, but when I check my exif data it shows only 180 dpi. What am I doing wrong? HELP!
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Probably someone can articulate this better than me, but my explanation is...

DPI has nothing to do with how your camera records an image. DPI speaks to how closely packed the ink dots will be when an image is printed. The softwares I know allow control of DPI when printing, but this is completely independent from the image's pixel size.

So what you are concerned about is pixel size, or dimensions (in pixels), or possibly resolution, though the latter term is a bit ambiguous in these discussions.

My S3IS EXIF shows pixel size as ExifImageWidth and ExifImageHeight, and the "fineness" setting in a Quality field. Check those -- you should be happy.

For much more, try googling "dpi vs pixels".

Hoping this helps!
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The ppi/dpi or any other setting the camera uses as a default do nothing but show up in an image editor / exif reader and confuse people.

The S3 has an image size (at max resolution) of 2816 x 2112 pixels.

You may have heard of people quoting that a picture needs to be 300+ppi (pixels per inch)to be the best quality when printed.

Well for the above number of pixels 300ppi would give you a print of 2816/300 x 2112/300 inches , ie 9.39in x 7in

In other words, the number of pixels is divided out by the size of the paper you are printing on.

Assuming the minimum cropping to fit the paper size ratio , you can use http://www.mattspinelli.com/ppicalc.htmlto find out the various ppi values at various paper sizes.

Note that you really only need 300ppi or greater for hand held and inspected prints.

So you can get larger (poster sized) prints at vastly less ppi and still get great results since its assumed you would be standing back a few feet to view it.
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Thanks guys, for your response. Besides being an amateur, I think what was confusing me was that my Kodak Z740 photos were showing as being 230ppi in Photoshop Elements info line. I was afraid that for some reason my Canon photos were not as high in quality. I really appreciate the help and information.
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