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Default S30\S40\S45?

Hi. I'm new to the digital world of cameras and was looking for some advice. I visited my local Circuit City yesterday to look at digicams. I looked at the Oly c4000, 720UZ, and the Canon 230. I can't believe how small the Canon 230 was. They couldn't get it tuned on for some reason on their display model so I really didn't get to see it much. However I was able to turn on both the Oly c4000 and 720UZ. The 720UZ looks like something I may be interested in because of the zoom but that's not the most important thing. Image quality(low light, focus, sharpness, low noise etc...), ease of use and low red-eye is what I'm looking for. I know that red-eye is a challenge on small digi cams but the less the better. I read a few bad reviews on the 720UZ especially on focus and low light image quality. Should I stay away from the 720?. What about the 700 or 730? Any better than the 720?

One last thing, they did not have the S30, S40 or S45 on display. I asked the guy who was helping me and I asked him why. To my surprise he told me that the S30 and S40 are discontinued models. I asked if he was sure and said yes. Is that right? He said that the S45 is a new model and they didn't receive it yet. Hasn't the S45 been out for a while now? I was surprised they didn't have a display model of the S45 yet.
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S45 came out in mid December I believe. I only found 2 stores with one on display. Good Guys, out of stock as with every other place I could call, and a little shop, mikes photography in Ca. I bought his only one for $499. I found it for sale in other stores for 429 and 439, but needed it now and just ate the price difference. The S45 is really sweet, takes outstanding pics, and is very flexable. All the manual controls are a big +. The low light focus lamp is sweet. I can focus in total darkness up to about 7-8 feet.
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