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Default S400 blurry picture?

When I take a picture with no flash, it appears to be somewhat blurry.

I do autofocus first, but it comes out blurry. Using the exact same "steps", just with the flash on produces no blurriness... but obviously I don't want flash all the time!

Any help?
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Are you shooting indoors? If so, the shutter speed will be slow, so it's probably your movement that is blurring the photo. Try using a tripod or, to experiment, just have the camera on a table top, and take flash and non-flash photos.
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If it is my shaky hand for a fraction of a second then taking photos will be impossible...
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In real world terms it is a fraction of a second, but in photographic terms times like 1/15 of a second and slower are almost impossible to hand hold well enough for sharp pictures. When your flash takes over, the minimum shutter speed is 1/60 of a second. If you hand hold and the speed is at least that fast (1/60), then you'd have no problems. Indoors most likely without flash you cannot achieve those speeds without the room being extremely well lit and/or your camera setting the ISO speed to 400, which induces grainier pictures. With the S400 you cannot see what shutter speed the camera is choosing, but indoors and without flash if the ISO speed being used is 200 or less the shutter speed being selected is well below 1/60 of a second. In normally lit rooms at ISO speeds of 50 or 100 the shutter speeds available are going to be way too slow to allow for hand holding and achieving sharp pictures.

My girlfriend is currently learning the ins and outs of the S400, too. One thing I am seeing that causes unsharp pictures is with the AIAF in auto mode- that's where the camera chooses one of nine points to focus on. Sometimes it can pick an incorrect point and if that point is not in the same plane as your subject, the photos are not sharp where you want them to be. If you go to the "M" mode where the camera only focuses on the central box, you have to be sure the camera has focused correctly. If the box in the LCD turns from white to green then you know it has. If the lower light next to the viewfinder blinks continuously, then the camera has not focused correctly. Low light focusing problems are an issue with most every compact digital camera. I have it continuously as well with my Powershot G5 indoors in low light. If your pictures with the flash on are in focus and not with the flash off, your problem is too slow a shutter speed to be able to hand hold.
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