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Old Sep 2, 2005, 2:47 PM   #31
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my story:

have been reading with interest. i also have the canons400 (im in london, uk and it's called the ixus 400 over here). during the last couple of months i have been having the 'memory card error' and e50 errors with the camera then just switching off.

the camera was only subject to occasional use, with around 1500 stored photos over the 2 years (since sep 2003) that ive had it

anyway, have been very annoyed, as the error first struck, out of the blue during a school presentation where i could not take any images. it had been playing up for the next few weeks, intermittent, sometimes working fine, then corrupting images. this was with 2 different fully charged batteries, different cf cards, trying the hairdryer trick etc. soemtimes it would work and other times play up.

more recently it failed the day before a a wedding meaning i lost a lot of important photos. on the wedding day i used all available 4 cf cards and after a number of pictures were taken, removed the card and went on to the next one

i was not happy and had a look on the net to see so many other users with these problems, in the us and uk. i also saw info about uk law and electrical items. this was concerning recent legislation in the sales of goods act 1979 (with the relevent 2002 addition coming from eu union (european) law)

the 2002 part concerns unsatisfactory goods and remedies for consumers, where you have 6 years in which to claim against the seller (retailer) for products with faults which are inherent (even with latent effect) and originate from date of sale not caused by wear and tear or misuse.

dependent on price and type of item, the retailer has to repair for free, replace for free or at fair cost according to length of ownership or refund (or partial refunddependent on length of use)

i got information from trading standards and confronted the retailer, who agreed they were bound as such and had experience of this error. they said they would prefer not to have it repaired and asked was i interested in upgrade, both of uspaying part of the cost. i said yes but they wanted me to pay about half or more for the ixus 40/50 or ixus 700 models. i said it was too much and not acceptable. they said they would contact trading standards to see what would be fair for both parties in the circumstances. they came back and said they would then refund me the cost of the camera minus my use out of it. eg camera expected to last 5 or so years; splitting thepurchase cost over 5 years and then taking away 2 years worth, refunding me 3 years value (just over £200 of original £338 )

i will be using that to purchase another camera. it's enough for another ixus (40/50) but im not so sure i will be buying canon even though i loved my s400 before these errors. don't know if you have similar consumer law in the us, but in the uk it's definately something to thank europe for!
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Hair dryer trick only worked for a few days. First time I tried it, all my pics came back. They were still on the memory card. Took a few more pics and the memory card error came back and this time, the hair dryer did not work. The camera is going back via my American Express buyers protection.

I've never been completely happy with this camera even when it didn't have an error message. One reason is I can't get it to take macros consistantly, I can't take pictures at assemblies or brides coming down the aisle, the camera doesn't go off. It's just not fast enough for any action shots. You cannotpick your shots. Hard to get good kid pics too as they are always moving.

For me, it was not battery or flashcard related because I had additional batteries and flash cards to try with the same results. Nor did I notice any bent pins but the fact that heating the pins fixed it suggests perhaps there was something to that? I don't know.

I called Canon regarding the E51 / E50 Memory Card errors I've gotten. They were very helpful. He showed me how to reformat the camera using the camera. That worked temporarily. I was able to take shots again but within a week, the problem was worse. The error message went from E51 to E50 and I was unable to reformat the flashcard using the camera. The camera just turned off. I don't have a card reader hooked up to my computer so that wasn't an option. I'm glad now the card didn't reformat because I at least got those pictures again.

He also showed me how to use the camera manually so I can make the camera focus on my desired subject. In automatic, I had an ongoing problem of the camera focusing on backround points and never picking the obvious central subject, especially in macro. This introduced a new problem though. The manual focus box doesn't go away when the camera is back in automatic. I have to put the camera in stich or movie mode to get it to go away. I don't know how this will play out because the camera hasn't been usable enough since then to know. He also said I should be able to take shots at an event like a bride walking down the aisle and is not sure why my camera won't go off. This has happened at three weddings so far and a fashion show my brother was in. I really wanted those pics. Oh well.

They offered to look at the camera. Of course it will cost me to fix it. I am lucky enough to have used my American Express with buyer protection whichdoubled my warrantyand I have until next March until that expires. I have contacted them to see my options. So far, they have been easy to work with. I have to provide some paperwork including an estimate of repair.

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I had the S400 E50 error for the first time today. It started when I tried to turn the camera ON again after it warned of LOW battery.The camera could NOT reformat the card- just said E50 & shuts down. I searched on Google, found these posts and read them.

I got my cameral working again!! We'll see if it lasts, but it's acting perfect right now.

Basically, Reformat & clean all contacts!

Here's my perspective. I live in humid Atlanta where it has rained more the past year than I can remember- mold & moss trying to grow everywhere! And we usually don't air condition.My cellphone headphonecontacts need attention frequently. I have lots of electronics and often have to clean ELECTRICAL CONTACTS. After years of eraser tips/ polishing methods, damaging the contact's metal coatings, etc., I've settled on a chemical you can get at RadioShack or McMaster.com. It isCAIG ProGold contact cleaner. I use it on my cellphone, headsets, ipod, etc. It's designed for touchy/ finicky LOW power audio connections that have staticy trouble at the drop of a hat.

I removed battery, Charge it! (& clean charger contacts too, so it gets proper charge)

Removed memory card. Then I carefully sprayed a small amount of ProGold into all the holes in the CARD, then quickly insterted in camera, remove, insert, remove, insert. (all in 3 seconds) just to spread/ massage the many contacts of the CARD & CAMERA with ProGold. (I didn't want to spray anything into the camera, it might leak into an adjacent area and GOOF UP picture quality somehow!!)

Battery charged. Sothen put progold on it's 3 contacts & put in Camera, removed, put in, removed (make sure the chemical gets on the contacts well.)

Still card error (the card IS goofed up internally at this point- needs formatting).

Stick it in HP 2550 all in one printer (or any card reader). HP software says card is not formatted, do I want to format? YES I say, and it takes all of 15 seconds.

Put card in camera, and camera & card are working like new.

Use at your own risk, but I think LOW battery, and naturally oxidized contacts cause a card reading malfunction that prevents the camera & card from working together. Reformat & clean all contacts!


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Old Oct 9, 2005, 7:33 PM   #34
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I too got the old E50 error with the cam reporting 3.8MB for a 256MB card. Not sure what the cause is, might be battery charge as others have suggested as the battery was low but the solution is to format the card via a card reader (again as others suggested) but the kicker is that you also need to create the DCIM folder on the newly formatted card or it will still E50 on you.
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Old Nov 26, 2005, 9:12 PM   #35
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Well I guess I'm glad to find out that I'm not the only one with this problem. I've tried many of the solutions offered above (on my own before reading this forum) but the problem always seems to come back one way or another. I have two batteries and have noticed that one seems to be more prone to errors than the other, so maybe I'll buy a fresh battery and see what happens.

It is just so annoying. I have missed several important shots because of the error, which seems to happen at the times when it is most crucial that the camera works. I am happy with the quality of the shots but I would have to say reliability is a more important factor. I will definitely do my homework before buying another camera and will probably avoid Canon.
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:evilO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA for your own peace of mind. It's a great camera when it works, but Canon has no respect for it's consumers. They ignore any problems, and furthermore, they want you to pay for their design errors.

I have an S400 which was a gift from my sister back in late '03. On my suggestion, after reading rave reviews on the S400, she bought one for herself too ($400 x 2).

Since Jul/Aug '05, I am getting the E50 error message and the "memory card error" which means I can't take pics. I can't reformat the card with the camera, as the reformat function withint the S400 itself doesn't work, so I bought a multimedia card reader to format the CF card, and that worked for a while, but now the camera is at best unreliable for taking pictures.

I Haven't gotten the E18 (zoom lens retraction) on my S400, which is another problem plaguing this and many other Canon cameras, but after doing some research, I wouldn't be surpised if that starts to show up too.

I can't believe that after all the problems people are having with Canon cameras, all what seem to be common problems, (E18, E50, E51, "memory card error", etc.),that Canon takes such a position to charge for their lack of quality control.

For all of the many people who have bought this camera and/or other Canon cameras with similar problems, there is law firm out of San Francisco, Girard Gibbs & De Bartolomeo, that is investigating consumer complaints regarding Canon PowerShot digital cameras. Just do a search on any search engine and you will find the info.

I think we should all sue Canon for knowingly selling products that are faulty. We should also report Canon to the BBB. Sue, sue, sue!!!! They only seem to listen when you hit them in the pockets, don't ya think?

Put a faulty product out there, and charge for the repair? Now that's a profitable business it seems to me, even if it's not morally correct. Imagine if auto makers did that? Canon knows their cameras have problems and they choose to ignore the consumers complaints.

Do not buy this Camera - you will get the MEMORY CARD ERROR eventually and Canon won't help you fix it, but they will gladly charge you for fixing it. I won't buy Canon again because of their total lack of support for their failed products.
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Old Dec 15, 2005, 5:57 AM   #37
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Fix the memory card error for sure!!!!!

I was finally able to fix the memory card error I was getting on my Canon S400. After almost throwing the camera away, I did a last search online and found a way to fix it that worked for a lot of people.

What you need to do is open the camera and remove the camera's internal battery and insert it again. This might seem like a major task, but it's actually not all that complicated (although if you are not comfortable with opening electronic devices and handling tiny screws, you might want to stay away). Here's a diagram to help you out: http://www.huroncamera.com/diagrams/...0_IXUS_400.pdf (the battery is part #3 on page 4).

Don't be scared with the diagram, as you won't have to take the entire camera apart. You will only need to open up the camera. Good luck!
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Me wrote:
2 cents for the battery, 7 bucks for shipping. Is this a scam, or are they just clearing backstock on a discontinued camera and making a couple of bucks on shipping?
I almost bought 2 cheap, higher amp hour batteries for a new SD550. Then I thought, what if one of the cheap batteries leaks while inside of the SD550? I decided to only buy OEM Canon batteries for Canon cameras. To me it's just not worth the risk buying cheap batteries and put them into a $400 camera.

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Old Dec 23, 2005, 2:10 PM   #39
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I found this thread afterI developed the error. I could not reformat the card in the camera because it was not recognising them at all.

Tried all suggested- pins, battery charge, reformatting,to no avail - but on another site i discovered you could reset to factory settings by holding down the menu button for a few seconds.

Having then tried the reformatted cards they worked - but only after I had put a couple of images on the now empty cards using my card reader.

I think it was the small volume card that kick started it (16Mb) , because windows would only format the 250 Mb card in Fat32 - which the canera did not recognise.

It's Ok now, but for how long ?

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What you need to do is open the camera and remove the camera's internal battery and insert it again. This might seem like a major task, but it's actually not all that complicated
I just did this! And it worked!!! Thank you! Tried all the other tricks, but no change.

My S400 has worked flawlessly for 3 years. This morning I got the dreaded memory card error 50! Now it's gone!

Some suggestions when opening the case:

1) lay out the screws in correct position. There are many different kinds. Remember which one goes where.

2) Do not remove the battery release switch. It's a MAJOR PITA to put it in with the little coil spring wound up again.
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