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JTR Jun 15, 2005 8:07 AM

I was finished trying to deal with canon. As you all know, 150$ repair and $175 upgrade (w/6month warranty). I think not, the cameras cost near that new. I tried the online fixes...none worked (not to my suprise).

Step one - just to make sure there isnt anything preventing a pin from hitting the connection (dust particles, whatever) I took a can of compressed air and blew the hell out of the open bays (CF bay, Battery Bay).

Tried to use CF - Still nothing

Step two - Took camera and SLAMMED it into my left palm with my right hand (bottom side hit my palm - Camera was right side up in my left hand). Everything WORKS now. My guess is that one of the CF pin connectors comes loose after a period of time, and you have to slam it back into place in order for it to read memory once again.

- I remembered a scene from the movie Armageddon where the Russian Cosmonaut takes a wrench to the engine to get it going. I figured what the hell, why not, if not my palm then my fist through a brick wall with a bit of s400 as a buffer ;)

If the camera stays working, I will sell it. I cant handle things that are faulty after only a year of use (and I only used it about 12 times). After talking to canon's service reps and hearing how much it is to do a standard repair, I think I will just boycott canon and their design flaws from now on.

PS: The service reps also stated (trying to cool me down) that they only service about 5% of their cameras. I thought about that ... 5% is not a small number, its huge. Thats 1/20 people getting sold a bad product. Screw that. Ill go with Nikon, Minolta, or Olympus next time.

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