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whittonj Sep 24, 2003 11:32 AM

S400 Panos
I just got back from Munich/Prague/Salzburg and shot about 500 pictures in 10 days with my S400 and I am very impressed Canon crammed such good picture quality into such a small package. While I loved my Minolta S404, I have to say the S400 is a much better fit for someone like me who doesn't like to carry a ton of gear around with him. I took a couple of Panos in Salzburg handheld and then ran it through the stitching software- very impressed for a 30 second automated process:

I ordered 12 inch by 5 foot prints to see how they come out- should be interesting.

Had I known shooting panos was going to be this easy I would have taken a lot more.

locopano Oct 5, 2003 9:34 PM

Re: S400 Panos
Your Panoramic shots lok awesome. I have an S400 buthad no idea you could make such shots. How did you do it so well? Did you use a tripod? Can you giveme instructions on how to do it? what programsused etc?

Did the programs automatically trim any bits that were fitting etc? Say if you took to much of the top of the image and the next one too much of teh bottom? do you getme?

thanks! can you email me? [email protected]

thanks! :?:

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