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balexsey Dec 27, 2003 10:22 AM

S400 two minor complaints..
I bought the s400 and love it. It takes very sharp pictures and is a wonderful camera. I originally bought the Casio Z4u but took it back because the picture quality was poor.

Any way two things that I just confirmed with Canon about the s400 that really bother me are as follows:

First, there is no indicator to show the battery strength, so till the batter is very low and some indicator light comes on you don't know what the charge of your battery is at..

Second, the camera has a histogram feature to show the composition of the picture (Highkey, Lowkey, Gammas) but it will only show you this information in replay mode after the picture is taken. Some compact cameras will show you this info in real time before the picture is taken. This can be a great help.

So far those are my two biggest complaints about this little guy, but I do love the pictures it takes...

Happy holidays...

maciek Dec 27, 2003 6:38 PM

i have some problems making pictures in low light conditions with mine... my hands are to big for the small camera im afraid ;) when i press the shutter the whole camera moves... have to use a tripod :D

Greg Chappell Dec 29, 2003 3:45 PM

No, you have no battery indicator, but in reality it's no worse than with cameras that do, such as my Powershot G5. The G5's indicator has basically two settings- FULL and EMPTY. When the battery low setting starts to blink I get less than 10 shots off before it's gone. My girlfriends S400 is about the same. If you compose on the LCD you'll get the red blinking light when the battery is about pooped out. We took her camera out on a walk the other day when the light started blinking. About 5-6 shots later it was gone. That's about all the warning I get with my G5, and is why I always have my second battery charged and ready in the bag ready after the current one has been in the body for a couple of weeks. I can turn my G5 on and it'll say "full", and a few shots later I get the blinking screen....5-10 shots later that battery is gone. If the battery meter had, say, a 50% level, then it might be worth something, but it does not so you basically aren't missing anything by not having a battery meter on your S400.

balexsey Dec 29, 2003 8:02 PM

Good point..
You make a good point, I did not relize the battery indicators were that inacurate on the lower end canon models. I also have a canon 10d and the battery meter is very accurate, but I guess at $1400.00 it should be...

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