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KandieMan Dec 26, 2003 1:10 PM

S400 usb cable cylinder?
My S400's black USB cable has a black cynlinder towards the end that connects to the computer. I noticed that it had two little clips so it could be undone, so thats what I did :)

Once apart, i couldn't figure what on earth it did. It looks to just have a dark gray "mold" to hold the wire.

Does anyone know what the point in this thing is???

PacificJohnny Dec 27, 2003 2:48 AM

Haha, I've been using a card reader and never looked at the cable.

I think the point of the clips is to clip it together, not to take it apart. Don't blame you though, it is mighty intriguing!

There are also screws in the camera. I'd suggest leaving those alone :lol:

Did it make the cable stop working?

sjms Dec 27, 2003 8:17 AM

its a type of magnetic shield . it is used to reduce RF interference induced in the cable from an outside source. you will find them on many low power type cables that transmit data.

steve Dec 27, 2003 4:38 PM

It's required in the U.S. so it will pass the FCC emmissions tests. It will still work without it just fine - but it can cause interference to other electronic devices. But hey, what doesn't cause interference to other electronic devices these days :twisted:


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