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Default S400 vs. Penatx Optio S4 / Specific Question

I have basically narrowed my choice down to the Canon S400, the Pentax S-4 and a distant third is the Sony-DSCP-92 (my friend works at Sony and can get me a good price).

I have read a bunch of reviews of each camera and while all seem highly recommended, the Cannon seems to garner the most praise.

I will be using the camera mainly as a point and shoot and will likely not fiddle much with manual controls. One of my main requirements is size / portability, which is one reason why the sony is 3rd, it seems noticeably "bigger" (although it is all relative) than the other 2.

I also note from the reviews that between the Cannon and the Pentax the consensus seems to be that you trade off some picture quality in the Pentax for its smaller size. I have held both of them in my hands and while the Pentax is quite a bit smaller and thinner, the Cannon is likely small enought that I would not have any problem carrying it around.

O.k., here is the question, as noted, given that most of the reviews do suggest that the picture quality is better in the Cannon, (I have been unable to tell the difference in sample photos on the web) is it THAT MUCH better than the Pentax that it makes up for the (i) higher price of the Cannon over the Pentax and (ii) the larger size?

I will likely be using the camera to print 4x6 and some 5x7 and 8x10, but mainly 4x6.

My conclusion is that if the view is that while the picture quality of the Cannon is marginally better (but likely not noticeably better for family / vacation shots) then I would rather have the smaller size and cheaper price of the Pentax. However, if the general view is that the trade-off is quite big and the pictures from the Cannon are considerably better than from the Pentax, plus the Cannon is just generally a better camera than the Pentax, then I will pay the extra money for the Cannon and suffer with the somewhat larger size.

sorry for the long post but I am trying to get my head around this decision and any input is greatly appreciated.

(I am also going to post this in the Pentax forum to get a "different" view so sorry in advance for the cross-post.)
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