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Default S45 Problem - please advise

I exhausted myself and everyone I know when I was deciding which camera to purchase. After much research, I chose the Canon S45. When it works, I love it, but that is not often. Please let me know if you think my camera is a lemon or if there is a problem with the CF card I am using.

When reviewing my photos on the LCD screen, it often says that the image is corrupted. This has happened several times and I figured there was something wrong with the CF card (Viking 256MB card). I exchanged the card (another Viking 256), however I am still having this problem. The LCD either has the error message of CF card error or something about the image being corrupted. I have lost some great pictures because of this and I am very frustrated.

Please let me know if you think I might be doing something wrong or if anyone else has had this problem. I know it sounds like the CF card, but could both card be defective? Please advise. Thanks!
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I use a San Disk CF 128 and Generic no name 512 and have never had a single issue with either of them o my s45. The factory 32 also works fine. you may have a bad camera or CF card. Great camera though.
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I would tend to lean toward a problem with the card. Have you tried going back to the original Canon Flash card for a few days? If that works without issue, I think you could emliminate the camera as a part of the problem.

Another forum I read often had a G3 user with a Viking 256mb card that was getting similiar errors. A user on that fourm asked the following... "I have been told, on good authority, that after downloading a CFC to NEVER format with the computer but ALWAYS format with your camera. It is possible to "corrupt" the card with the computer.

I know for a fact that you should NEVER try to remove a CFC from a card reader or your camera while the card is still "reading". This can "corrupt" a card."

Best of luck-
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Default Corrupted data S45

I am having this same problem with my S45. This has happened twice to me, once on a trip to hawaii.. which is not a great place to be having problems with your new camera. This happens After about 50 L1/superfine jpgs on a 512 sandisk cf, I will switch to review the last shot... and will be greeted with a corrupt data warning. After the trip I noticed I was getting bad sectors on the CF card in a reader after I formatted it. I called sandisk and they swapped out the card for me, problem solved right? NO! Now six months later at our baby shower I get the same error! It seems to happen when I quickly switch from shooting to reviewing, or at least maybe that is when I notice it. I am calling canon tomorrow morning. :x
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