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JG it's just practise and trust me I have soooo much to learn but am getting there slowly.

The larger physical image capture size you go (be it sensor or film) then the more dof is redcued for a shot taken in similar circumstances as you naturally use a longer lens to get the same field of view. It means that when I switch between my two cameras I have to think about what I'm doing as one if full frame (the same size as 35mm) and one has a 1.6 crop so to get similar results I have to use a narrower aperture on the full frame camera than I do on the crop camera to make up for using a longer lens on the full frame.

Now there are areas where you don't want a narrow depth of field and dSLR's and especially full frame and even worse medium format (really would love one of those babys :-)) so to get a wide depth of field you have to use a really narrow aperture meaning shutter speeds are very low. This is why people are often getting better macro shots with non-dSLR's (remember with macro you will be using long lenses and are very close to the subject so this instantly tries to make dof incredibly narrow) than with a dSLR. I've been in the situation where I've used apertures of f40 to get the dof required for some macro shots and that needs a lot of light or long exposure to get the required dof, with a digicam having the smaller sensor you are off to a winner.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want to check out anything you've posted, I don't have all the answers but that's the beauty of this place, someone will know.

Happy shooting!!!
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