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First, thanks to forum members when I first posted about my broken s50 (just stopped working over the summer - July 2005). I eventually made it back to the USA and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my extended warranty covered the repairs.

I sent it back to Mack camera in early Sept and finally got it back mid november. They said they had to sent it to canon. Basically the camera and the 2 NB-2L batteries were not used since it was broken until I got the camera back in mid Nov.

Ever since the repair the camera seems to have VERY short battery life (much sorter than before). It happens on both batteries (one OEM one not) I get a "change the battery" warning much much sooner than before.

The question is - did letting the batteries sit for 4 months with no use mess them up? Or did the "repair" not go well and I now have another problem?
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I don't own an S50, but I suspect this might be normal, so I tried their support pages for the S50 - the result was:

1. Even charged battery packs discharge slightly over time. If you have not used the battery pack for a while, we recommend that you charge the battery pack before using it again.

2. If you have not used the battery pack for an extended period of time, or if you are using the battery pack for the first time, it may not be fully charged. Fully charge the battery pack and then discharge it completely in the camera several times to bring the battery pack capacity to normal.

3. Polish the terminals with a tissue or dry cloth before charging the battery pack. If the terminals are dirty, for example if there is oil from your skin on the terminals, this may result in poor contact and the battery pack may not charge fully.

I guess (3) could apply to both the terminals on the battery and in the camera (if the tech that fixed you camera touched the terminals).
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