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MichaelH Apr 2, 2004 9:24 PM

I thought it was my imagination, but i have now convinced myself that it is true. All images I've taken in RAW mode have been blurry. JPGs are always crisp and sharp. Now I've taken the same image with Manual Focus achieve identical focus. The jpg is sharp, crisp and clear. The RAW image has a much softer focus.

Whats happening here? I thought RAW was supposed to be better! JPG artifacts are better than blurry pix.
Is my camera screwed up?

Please Help!!

Klaus DK Apr 4, 2004 11:05 AM

Did you add some sharpening while converting the RAW files ? Try that!

MichaelH Apr 4, 2004 3:20 PM

I did some more digging on this subject. IrfanView shows the RAW files as being 640X480. This is troubling, but would offer an explanation as to why the pictures were poorly focused.

I don't believe that the pictures ARE 640x480--I have taken macro shots using remote-capture in the best JPG mode, VGA JPG mode, and RAW. The RAW pictures are notably better than VGA JPG, but still not as good as the BEST JPG. A reduced resolution could be to blame, but I don't see it as being 640X480--The pictures don't seem THAT pixelated. I'd love to post the pix to show you guys, but they are just too big! Any Ideas? This SHOULD be the main feature that differentiates the S- series cams from the A series cams. I really would like the RAW to work better for me.

As for adding sharpening during the conversion, It would need LOTS of sharpening. They aren't really soft, they are just downright BLURRY, while the same pic in JPG mode is crisp and sharp.

Klaus DK Apr 4, 2004 3:39 PM

It seems that you are not using a converter.

RAW has to be converted to either Jpg or Tiff in variable quality.

What you obvious are doing is to get Infran View to show you the RAW files. You need a converter like Capture One, PS CS or another.

To understand RAW files you might want to visit my website - look for "Formats" in the menu.

Good luck.

MichaelH Apr 5, 2004 1:28 AM

Using the raw converter that came with the camera AND using PSCS, the results are still blury.
What you say about Irfanview makes sense. I don't believe the files are as bad as it shows.
Still, when loaded into photoshop CS, they still aren't terribly well focused. At best they are softly focused, but usually they are just downright blurry.

Just to add to the mystery, i've taken a few more macroshots using remote capture. (of stuff on my desk) with fine print on them, and the RAW image and the JPG look similar. did same thing shooting me, instead, and i'm VERY blurry in the CRW image. (I haven't been drinking)

I can live with just shooting in JPG, but for those precious moments, i'd LIKE to shoot in raw mode. But until it works better--or i understand it better--i just can't. I'm not TERRIBLY rock-headed--i design optical systems by day.... I'd really hope it is something i am doing, but to date, it just seems to be the damn camera...
Thanks for your help, Klaus--i enjoyed cruising your site--very informative.

tdb Apr 6, 2004 10:24 AM

Have you tried Canon's FileViewerUitlity that came with the camera?
Maybe you can give BreezeBrowser a try. (

The raw data also contains a jpg image. This image is used for previewing the image on the camera, and maybe IrfanView is showing this image. The dimensions of this jpg are 640x480.

With BreezeBrowser you can extract that jpg image and then compare it with the IrfanView image.

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