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iodine Jun 11, 2003 11:39 AM

S50 or S400
Has anyone else been through this dilemma.? in the UK?

Trying to weigh up the pro's cons of the two models.

I'm looking for something pocketable, (compared to my 35mm Canon SLR) so both fall into that catagory. although the s50 does seem large and brick like, when placed next to the s400.

How valuable is the RAW format, on the s50? and does it become annoying, having to wait to save bigger files all the time.?

I Have a few concerns, having read issues with the s400 low light level focusing lamp being off centre. I was hoping to buy online, but this might be a concern, if i have to keep sending the unit back.

any recommendations for friendly suppliers?
any recommendations for suppliers, and brands of CF cards.

any views/experiences appreciated.


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