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Default S50 - Yellowish cast indoors? Red eye?


I'm new to posting here, although I have been reading for quite awhile. I'm currently the owner of a Konica KD-400Z (4MP), and wish to upgrade to the Canon Powershot S50. I know the jump from 4MP > 5MP is not great, but I just feel that Canon's colours beat everything - and of course, there are the manual controls for when my photography improves.

However, I do have one concern. Please click on the link below, and scroll down to "Indoor Portrait, No Flash".


I find the yellowish cast in AUTO mode very disturbing. I will undoubtedly start to use the manual controls more often, but my worry is from the point of view of time: will I really have to switch to Incandescent every time I shoot indoors? How long does it take to do (is it embedded in a menu or can I set something so I have quick access?)?

When I've been looking at S50 samples, none of them have shown a colour cast quite as prominent as in this example. Is it because everybody is using Incandescent/Manual, or is the situation in the review just a very tough shot? Owners - are all your indoor shots this bad? Could anybody post an inside shot with a person in the photo?

Also, I have heard many bad comments about red eye inside. Does the red eye removal on the camera work? I'm fine with removing red eye with software - but not for every photo.

The S50's photos seem amazing outside. But as I do love to take photos of family and friends, quite a good many of my shots will be inside. I currently don't have problems with my Konica indoors - yet I don't have Canon's colours outside. My Konica is also a great deal smaller than the S50 (about S400 size) - who thinks that Canon will soon make a small 5MP model? Does anyone think I should wait until the 6/7/8MP small models appear - and any idea when this will be?!

Thank you for putting up with all my questions. I would really appreciate a reply to even just one of my many queries - it would really help me out. Thanks!
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Hi there,

I've had my S50 for a couple of months now. I've not taken many indoor photos at all really so I'm afraid I'm not really qualified to comment on the yellow cast (sorry - I know that's the point of this post :? )

To change the white balance setting only takes a press of a couple of buttons (literally) and if you're in the same environment for a while - you can save up to 2 different manual settings (which remain saved) and just revert to those.

The red-eye seems to be fairly intermittent - it's not on every photo but it is on some - easy enough to remove with the software that comes with the camera. I'm not aware of how to do it in the camera though...?

You're def right about the colours - although speaking as a relative newbie to digicams - I think they are amazing and I always get a smile when I see them on the screen.

I'll stop my rant now - hope I've been a little help at least - apologies if you just got bored.

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Just checked and found that the S50 is capable of saving files in Canon RAW (CRW) format. This lets you manipulate your pictures on your computer AFTER taking the shot.

The yellowish tint of the picture you pointed out is a white balance problem. CRW lets you change several parameters (white balance, saturation, sharpness) on your computer just before the conversion process. Most editing software doesn't understand CRW format, but conversion to JPG, TIFF etc files is very easy to do. No more ugly yellow pictures with CRW format.

I always shoot in CRW with my Canon Pro90, then batch convert (with BreezeBrowser) all the pictures. I then look at the converted pix and re-convert just those that need it. I then save the CRWs to a separate folder and the converted ones to a place where I can edit them. The unconverted CRWs become my unedited "proofs".

There are two downsides to doing it this way... the CRWs are a little bigger than JPGs and the conversion is an extra step. The upside is no more yellow pictures.
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Concerning redeye... this is a function of the physical placement of the flash relative to the lens. There's a partial fix... use the RedEye reduction mode of the flash. It pre-flashes and closes down the subject's pupils a bit. The other (and better) fix is an external flash. Don't know whether the S50 supports an external flash. If it does, consider getting one if redeye is a major problem.

I use Photoshop Elements and the redeye brush does remove the "Demon Eye" look when it occurs.
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